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  1. My experience with Hurricane (Cyclone) Thane, Pondicherry, India

    by Mike Myers

    December 29 & 30, 2011

    Until it was far too late, I knew practically nothing about this hurricane which was to go directly over my head. The day before, Thursday, I read something in The Hindu, the local newspaper, that a cyclone was coming to Chennai, India, and it covered this news in a fairly small article. There were no warnings, and nothing I read seemed to be anything to be alarmed at. As I read the article, I remember thinking that there would ...
  2. Slower is Faster

    So, there you are at your R/C car track, determined that this time the race is yours to win. No more silly mistakes, no more broken cars, no more blown engines – whatever it takes, you’re bound and determined to get a first place trophy in the A-Main. In practice you put in some good fast laps. As for the not-so-good laps, you ignore them; telling yourself you just need to do more of the good ones. So, in both qualifying and the Finals, you go as fast as you can, right at your limit. …and despite ...
  3. How the Experts get to be Experts or The Real "p" in Performance, by Brent Gottfried

    How the Experts get to be Experts or The Real "P" in Performance (reprinted from SGRID)

    First a small disclaimer.

    Mike Myers has, without any shame, bribed me into writing this and I am not a writer. It is an excruciating thing for me to do. It would be very similar to performing your own tooth extraction over a period of days or weeks. Also, as part of this disclaimer the opinions expressed are only mine and what I have picked up from people over the years ...
  4. The Future of R/C Racing, by Dez Chand

    The Future of R/C Racing (reprinted from Radio Race Car International Magazine)
    Newsby Dez Chand

    The recent developments in 3D cinema are truly staggering, I went to my first viewing as sceptical as ever, expecting the cheap red/blue glasses, headache inducing fuzzy picture that passes itself off as 3D, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! From the first second I slipped on the proper shades I was stunned at just how good it was, speechless, a whole new era in cinema is here, ...
  5. Tips for New Members of the SGRID Forums

    vBulletin is very powerful Forum software, but there are a few things that can be confusing for new members who aren’t used to the software. The following is the first of what’s likely to be a growing series of Tips. If you have suggestions, please feel free to add your own advice as additional Tips.

    If you're just joining up, there is going to be a tremendous amount of new material to read. Many people feel it's best ...
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