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Thread: Archery

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    Current Set-Up

    Mathews Q2 65lb 26" DL
    Trophy Taker Drop Away Rest
    Vital Gear Sight 3 Pin Vertical
    Gold Tip Vapor Arrows
    100gr Grim Reaper Razor Tips
    Scott Release

    When I return from Afghanistan I will be getting a Mathews Z7xtreme Tactical. The trusty ol' Q2 will get converted into a bow-fishing rig.

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    Is this it?

    Name:  Q2-249x575.png
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    Yep, that's the Q2.

    Here is the Z7Xtreme Tactical.

    Name:  Z7XtremeTactical_Black_v2-249x575.png
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    I wonder if I'm the only person who looks at a photo like the ones up above, and has absolutely no idea of how the thing works.... my ideas of archery date back to cowboys-and-indian movies, and what I learned at camp. I guess I need to go hunting through youtube to find a video of how these things shoot.

    Just curious - do you have it in Afghanistan with you?

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    Mike, there is quite a following with primitive stick bow archers. It's big around my area. I know a guy that hand makes his own stick bow. I see people all the time shooting 3 d with them.

    Here is my bow. Sad thing is, I haven't shot it yet this year!

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    Chuck, do you know any good videos you can link to here, so those of us who never have seen one of these can get an idea of how they work? I look at your photo, and have no idea where a person would hold it, or where the arrow would go. The there's this round thing that I know isn't a cupholder at the right, but what is it?? ...and what is the long "leg" like thing in the middle. Is it some kind of support for when you're using the bow?

    Don't laugh... I'm really ignorant about these things. Next time I go to the gun shop, I'll take a closer look.

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    I sure do. Below is a video of myself shooting broadheads at 50 yards with my bow. I shoot with a mechanical wrist release that is basically like a rifle trigger, except it attaches to the string with a hook.

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    Thanks for posting..... that helped me. I've never seen one of these in action before.

    By the way, you are *VERY* steady!!!

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    Mike, I wish I had it with me. I wasn't sure if we were going to have room to bring some extra stuff or not because we were really limted on space for bringing equipment over. In the end it turned out I would've had room for it but with all the last minute little changes and running around I forgot about it. Practice, practice, practice...... I did get my first ever robin hood last summer. Never ever thought I'd have that happen.

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    Chuck, I've heard a lot of good things about the Elite line of bows. Quite a few of the guys on the Mathews forum said that if they were to change bows it would most likely be over to the Elite line of bows. I'd like to give the Long Bow a shot, but probably won't be for a few more years. I need to get a lot better with the compound first.

    Here is the buck that I shot in Kansas this last fall.

    Name:  74260_1584130677812_1072105612_1569273_2077382_n.jpg
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    Nitro Seales
    Slick Tricks are the bomb! I been trying for 2 years to put one through this animal!

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