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Thread: Forum Restart

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    Forum Restart

    The SGRID forums were down for quite a while, and have been re-opened.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Hopefully they will remain open and running, and the 65,000 fake accounts created by 'bots' are now a thing of the past.
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    Wow. Great news Mike. I thought Sgrid was closed down forever.

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    Welcome back, Grant!

    The system almost was gone forever.... it was so overwhelmed by "stuff" created by bots, that it took almost two days to clear out all that stuff. I was scared to even try, but I'm hoping that "people" can out smart the "bots".

    Remember all those "captcha" things that used to try to prevent automated systems from logging on and posting spam? They're useless in today's world. Maybe new ones will be developed, but I tried that a few days ago, and I found they didn't even slow down the bots. The new system (trick word questions) seems to be infinitely more effective.

    Grant - if you're going to be here on and off, can I bring back the old Video Conference? ......and welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I kind of thought the forum was being overrun by spammers, but didn't realize how badly. Sure bring back the Video Conference.

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    Grant, I will bring it back tomorrow. Any other forums I should bring back? I wish there was a way to let everyone out there know that the software is cleaned up. ....and at the same time, I'm concerned about how many people will now get through the test questions to separate real humans from computer bots. For example, there are questions such as "Which word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly?" In the past two days, not a single 'bot' has gotten through, but I'm worried that people may see that question, shake their head, and close the window, immediately frustrated that they don't know the answer.

    The Quarter Scale QSAC guys are now running a forum here, and one of the things we did at their request, is to say that people have to log on using their real names. I can easily get a list of new accounts, and once a week delete anything that doesn't seem to be "real". I'm hoping that won't be a problem though, and the bots will go where it's easier to do their thing.
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    What about the main offroad forum? Shouldn't you bring that one back? Good to see the quarter scale people can use this forum.

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    Grant, here's a full list of all the existing forums that could appear here if I turn them on. Personally, I would rather see fewer forums, with a greater posting density, than a huge number of seemingly dead forums. Of course, until people realize SGRID is fixed and running again, maybe everyone already thinks this place is dead.

    I'm also wondering what the future is for forums. Threre are now a huge number of forums, along with all the Social sites. I don't think SGRID can "compete" with them, so it needs to offer something the other places don't. There's already facebook for the masses (I have thousands of "friends" I don't know), Google+ (better than facebook, but still not as good as forums for discussions), and so on.

    So, which of the following should still be active, and/or should any of these be removed:

    • Radio Control Car Racing Forums
      • Fuel Off-Road
      • Fuel On-Road
      • Electric Off-Road
      • RC Painting
      • Large Scale RC Cars
      • Quarter Scale Auto Club (QSAC) ............currently active.........
      • Drofting & Electric on-road ............currently active.........
      • RC Racing History ............currently active.........

    • General Discussions
      • SGRID Lounge
      • Manufacturers
      • A-Main Hobies
      • General Discussion Sept. 2013 ............currently active.........
      • Photography ............currently active.........
      • Medical Photography ............currently active.........
      • Video ............currently active.........
      • Guns & Shooting ............currently active.........
      • Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets, Etc. ............currently active.........
      • Swap Meet ............currently active.........
      • Test ............currently active.........

    • Forum Support
      • Support and Feedback

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    I'm thinking turn on "Fuel Offroad", since that was most popular before.

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    Forums seems to be good for information gathering when people look up info on Google. I know I come across forums when I do searches. Something like this when I search "tv dimensions":

    Sgrid is somewhat dead, but I believe from an SEO standpoint (search engine optimization), any information on is very strong since its been around so long. Meaning, if information is posted here that is a popular google search, then links to this forum can be towards the top of the google searches. That is why I believe bots are trying so hard to get in. Once in, they can post something, and chances are good that their information can end up at the top of google searches. IMO, this is what Sgrid has on its side that other places don't. You own the words "Starting Grid" on google. The challenge is to somehow use that upperhand to your benefit. If not financially, then a good way to get your information to the mainstream. For example, use generic terms like "r/c history" somewhere in the thread subject, then eventually, if someone searches "r/c history", sgrid shows up towards the top of the google search. If that same article was on my own website, you can bet that article will be lost in cyberspace, no matter how good the history information is.

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    Grant, that's a two-edged sword. Yep, those bots are/were busy indexing everything. I got an email from my server, that I was about to be charged for exceeding my bandwidth six months ago. I thought that was impossible, as the new forum was on hold because of the 'bots'.

    The technicians at Pair analyzed it for me, and told me that my 400 gig Bandwidth Allowance would be exceeded by 50 to 100 gigs. The majority of that was almost certainly from the old Backtalk forums. I don't know what to do about the old conferences - and it's a gold mine of good historical information - but until I figure that out, it's just "turned off". It's all still in place, but Backtalk is no longer running. Then too, there's the old SGM forums - Starting Grid Online - which I should do something with.

    I miss so many people who used to participate here, and who I learned so much from. Even if the photo forum gets more active, it won't be the same without Scott. It's like the video forum - you and Steve Pond were there often enough to help people out who had questions.

    Even this forum - drifting - is going to suffer, as the person who was most active got tired of non participation in all forums, and stopped using them.

    I'm not sure what to do - but if you, or others, ask me to bring one of the older forums back, it's very easy to do.
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