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Thread: G.L.Q.S.R. for 2014

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    Orrin Sunde

    G.L.Q.S.R. for 2014

    At our Banquet yesterday Oct. 5, 2013 we had a great time with the Club supplying steak and drinks and the racerís wives each brought wonderful dishes to pass to make a GREAT Potluck dinner. Thank you all very much.
    After dinner we had a Club meeting to discuss what our Club should do next year to help find more members. Out of these discussions came HUGE NEWS of change for next year.
    1. Next years Club Officerís
    John Kissel President
    Gary Mouser Vice President
    Randy Brown Treasurer
    Orrin Sunde Secretary
    Bret Ketner Web Master
    2. To get a $200.00 up date for our RC Scoring Pro software.
    3. We have a new 2 foot by 4 foot Banner to hang out at road on race days.
    4. Next years racing costs to be REDUCED.
    Cost to join GLQSR Club $20.00 to include one free day of racing.
    Entry Fee to race $15.00 for your first entry. If you run a second class that class raceís for FREE. (As just a thought there is about 3 of us who will have East Coast Modifiedís as a second class and will really be running for FUN. Like 20 lap heats and a 40 lap main. Shorter races less working on them and more time to work on your prime class car)
    5. We will have an info table set up on race day for spectors who stop by to watch our races.
    6. The Club is going to buy a used Quarter Scale car to have for sale if a new person wants a car right now. After we get it our members will clean and fix up small things that needs to be replaced. One member said he would donate a radio, another said he will donate a charger. We have decided that this car should be a WCM or Lighting, or a Lighting look alike and cost no more than $700.00. The better the deal the less a new comer would have to pay. It would be sold for what ever we have to pay for it. NON PROFIT. This past season we think that if we would have had a used car sitting there we could have sold 2 or 3 of them this year. Which would have also meant that we would have had 2 or 3 more members? When we sell the car we will start looking for another used car to buy to have in inventory.
    7. We have decided to have 10 Points races next year.
    8. We will have our yearly planning meeting in February next year.
    9. We also handed out our Points awards for this year and it congrats to Randy Baker Sprint Car Champ and Randy Brown for Sportsman Champ. We also passed out $50.00 Certificates from Bishop Tire to the top 6 in Sportsman and 1st place in Sprints.
    We had a GREAT BANQUET and a GOOD Year of racing and are looking forward to having a better year next year. See you next year.

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    Randy Baker 82
    I cashed in my certificate from BRP and recieved my tire yesterday . Thanks for the award.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Thank you Randy for coming up to GLQSR to race and helping out with announcing. We are hoping for bigger things next year. I am hoping that we have at least 3 ECM to race short fun races. Remember that next year the first entry class is $15.00 next year, with a second class FREE.


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    Brent Gottfried, QSAC# 568
    How Short?

    Like the race car on hand deal.

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    Orrin Sunde
    The idea right now is 20 or 25 lap Heats and 40 or 50 lap Main. Using the idea of a fun class and not having to spend time working on them and leting your first class car suffer that needs the work time. Most people know that with only 10 people to race it is super hard to run 2 class's. That's also why as a 2nd class it would be free.

    We are really hoping that the time spend on having a used car on hand for sale will pay off BIG TIME.


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    Randy Baker 82
    Hey no problem Orrin , was glad to help out in some way . Actually it was the hot dogs that kept me coming back , but we'll leave it as helping out as the reason . And yes I too hope we get a couple more interested in the ECM class . As of right now I plan on selling a couple of my sprint cars next season . The three mains I won was with three different cars , so the cars are race proven . Maybe we can get that class moving again too .
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    Orrin Sunde
    Hey Randy, we appreciated the help BIG TIME. And those Drivers meeting Hot Dogs, to die for. I can see why you keep coming back. lol You have worked very hard on getting the Sprint Car class going over the years. And I think I got you hooked on the ECM class. You said the rules are on the drawing board, I really hope that they don't mandate those foam front bumpers. Those are just plain ugly. We are working on our first purchase of a used car buy for when some newbe who wants one right now. Keep up the great work for GLQSR.


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    Orrin Sunde
    GLQSR has just purchased our first used car to have on hand at our race track. The idea is when someone stops in at our track and is really interested and starts talking about how do they get a car and get started. We can say, if you are going to race here in Lansing we have a used car right here that you can buy right now. We actually bought 1 3/4 cars for the price of one. The second one will need a motor and clutch assembly, servos and a used body. If any one would like to donate to this project please let us now. 2014 is looking great from here.


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    Orrin Sunde
    GLQSR has the used cars in hand and put out a list of used parts needed to make it run able. If I have done my job of sorting it all out, the first one should be ready to go in a couple weeks. I would like to thank Mike Little, John Kissel and Fred Murry for donating the needed used parts. Thank you guys. Some new comer that buys this car and races in Lansing is going to get one hell of a deal. This is the only way that it will be for sale. Thanks again.


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    Orrin Sunde
    Here is the GLQSR schedule for 2014

    Race Dates
    For 2014
    2 Drops
    Apr. 5 Test & Tune Lansing, MI
    12 Test & Tune Lansing, MI
    25-26 NCS Montgomery, AL

    May 3 GLQSR Points # 1 Lansing, MI
    16-17 NCS Ingalls, IN
    31 GLQSR Points # 2
    & Sprint Cars Lansing, MI

    June 7 GLQSR Points # 3 Lansing, MI
    20-21 NCS Lakeville, IN
    28 GLQSR Points # 4
    & Sprint Cars Lansing, MI

    July 11-12 NCS Machesney Park, IL
    19 GLQSR Points # 5
    & Sprint Cars Lansing, MI
    26 Tri State Series Ingalls, IN

    Aug. 2 GLQSR Points # 6 Lansing, MI
    9 Tri State Series Lansing, MI
    23 GLQSR Points # 7
    & Sprint Cars Lansing, MI
    26-27 NCS Ft. Dodge, IA
    29-30 NCS Algona, IA

    Sept. 6 GLQSR Points # 8 Lansing, MI
    13 Tri State Series Machesney Park, IL
    20-21 QSAC Open Wheel Bassett, VA
    27 GLQSR Points # 9 Lansing, MI

    Oct. 4 GLQSR Points # 10 Lansing, MI
    25 GLQSR Banquet

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