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Thread: G.L.Q.S.R. for 2014

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    Orrin Sunde
    The GLQSR will have race day going along the following guidelines.
    To join our Club will be $20.00 which will include one free race.
    $15.00 to race your 1st class, Second class is free.
    We will try to do Group Qualifying before lunch.
    We will take turns bringing Hot Dogs and Buns for lunch.
    Racing will start 12:30.
    Sportsman will run three 35 laps heat races.
    Other class's will be decided that day.
    Sportsman will run 150 lap A Main.
    Other class's will be decided that day.
    We will be handing out Checker Flag decals for winning the A Main

    If you haven't been to Lansing in awhile you should come see how things are going. FUN


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    Orrin Sunde
    Here is a picture of our new road sign. This will be out at the road (M 43) and the driveway back to the track. Myself I think that it is a super sign to tell people that we are back there. Thanks Todd
    > Orrin
    Name:  sign3.jpg
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    Great sign.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Thanks Greg. We are really hoping that more people will see it and come on back and see what is going on. Boy I am really ready for warm weather. I am thinking of going to South Carolina early in March and put some practice laps in. Thanks

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    Orrin Sunde
    When you win an A Main at GLQSR in Lansing, MI., you will recieve one of these decals to put on your car showing that you "Won at GLQSR".

    Name:  flags 3.jpg
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    Orrin Sunde
    Spring is just around the corner, which means the racing season is here. Well almost. I have several thoughts that have been sent to me about things we should be be thinking about.
    1.Randy Brown says that if you need exhaust tubing, Google "Thermal Tech 17100" It come in 1 inch by 3 foot.
    2. The first Test and Tune is April 5, 2014. yes I know we need to get the snow melted and the temps up a bit. In the days leading up to April 5 we will be checking on the condition of the track and grounds. I am sure we will have to stay on the black top. So stay tuned.
    3. Randy did get the cracks sealed last fall and says the track will be super fast this spring.
    4. Have you looked at the Club Website? If not, you should. Bret has been doing a great job of making it better. Thanks Bret. Check it out people.
    5. Fred Murry has asked if it would be possible to change one of our Points Races to be moved to the new Miami track located at Kil Kare Speedway a little East of Dayton, OH. The purpose would be to help them get some races and interest in there Quarter Midget track for Quarter Scale Racing.
    6. We have the first Club Car ready to be sold to a new Lansing racer. So if you know of someone who wants to start Quarter Scale racing in Lansing. tell them we have a great car for a great price. The second car is just about done also.
    7. Our new sign to be put out at the road is ready and waiting. It looks GREAT.

    Orrin Sunde

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    Orrin Sunde
    Well fellow racer's we are only days away from our first Test and Tune. That's right, next Saturday April 5, 2014. I believe that the snow is all gone from the track. I will ask Stan later this week to go over to the track and check things out from me. My weather report is saying that it will be cool. Some will say that you can't learn a thing in these cool conditions. That might be true. Myself I just want to get on the track and see what bolts I didn't tighten enough. To me just getting on the track will go a long way to getting ready for the racing season. I just can't wait. I hope to see a few of you next Saturday. Thanks

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    Orrin Sunde
    We have decided to CANCEL this Saturday's Test and Tune. It is suppose to be in the low 40's, with snow on Friday night and snow shower's on Saturday. with 20 MPH winds. Maybe I am just getting wimpy.

    We still have a Test and Tune scheduled for April 12, 2014. If you get to the track before me on the 12th you need to move some tree limbs to drive back to the track.

    See you them.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Lets go racing. It looks like the weather is going to be great for our Test and Tune this Saturday April 12, 2014. My weather man says 63 and party sunny with a chance of late PM showers. We may have to do some work day stuff also. I understand there is some tree limbs laying across the drive that we need to get moved out of the way. When we get back to the track we will just have to look around and what the condition of the track is.
    I am sure that we will have to stay on the black top as the grass is clay and soft.
    The cost is $10.00 for Test and Tune.
    If an enough racers show up we will also have a club meeting.
    See you Saturday.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Summer has arrived. It was just SUPER GREAT. It was 71 degrees, sunny, the track was fast and the cars were working very good. We were sitting there at lunch time eating freshly cooked Hot Dogs in our shirt sleeves and saying It is SUMMER and we are at the track with friends eating Hot Dogs and having a SUPER time. It just plain doesn't get any better.
    We had Dave Raber, John Kissel and Orrin Sunde there all running really equal and fast. 6.7's and 6.8's. It was great to see Mike Reniger and his friend Bill (I am sorry that I don't remember his last name) who has just purchased a used Lighting and will be doing some racing in Lansing along with Mike.
    Along 2:30 or so we had a few sprinkles but after a while it just got a little too wet.
    Our first race of the season is May 3, 2014. If you need some fun, just show up.

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