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Thread: G.L.Q.S.R. for 2014

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    Orrin Sunde
    The racing season is only a couple of days away. Points Race # 1 is May 3, 2014, this Saturday. Practice starts at 9:00 and Racing at 12:30. If you haven't joined QSAC yet we will have membership forms (cost $30.00). GLQSR memberships we will also have ($20.00 includes 1 free race). Reduced racing fees, $15.00 for your first entry and the second class is free. This week Randy Brown is bringing the Hot Dogs and Buns for your free lunch. I have the new road sign and will put it out when I get there. But take a look. See you Saturday.

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    Orrin Sunde
    The weather was the big winner Saturday. At noon we decided to call it. We were ready to leave and the sun came out. So we played untill the WIND blew us off the track. If you where on the drivers stand you had to brace you feet agianst something to keep from being BLOWN off the drivers stand. Some times it would spin the cars around on the track. No matter how far down you would pull your hat down it would get blown off your head. The five of us were very close to each other in speed . Our next race is May 31, 2014 and the Sprint cars will race also.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Summer has arrived for sure. My weather man says for next Saturday sunny and 78. PERFECT! Practice starts at 9:00 and racing starts at 12:30. 5-31-14. I think John said he is bringing the Hot Dogs and Buns.

    This is also the first of our 4 race Sprint Car Series. I am sure that Randy Baker would appreciate you letting us or him know if you are bringing your Sprint Car. The Sportsman class will be the main class and we will also run ECM. Remember that at GLQSR you race an second class for FREE.

    If you want to have FUN racing your Quarter Scale and having a ton fun, FunTyme Raceway is your place to have it. See y'all Saturday.

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    Orrin Sunde
    What a GREAT DAY of racing in Lansing yesterday. 5/31/14. The temps were in mid 80's, sunny with a light breeze. PREFECT for Quarter Scale Racing. Practice was fast with lots 6.7' and 8's from many racers.
    We would like to Welcome Bill Bidideau to Quarter Scale Racing and the GLQSR. Welcome Bill
    We did our first attempt of Group Qualifying and it went easier than I expected.. The fastest qualifier was Dave Raber with a 6.624. Seventh fastest was John Kissel at 6.960. Which means the competition was close.
    We ran three rounds of heat races at 35 laps each. The winner's were; Dave Raber won 2, Brent Gottfried won 2, Gary Mouser won 1, and Mike Reinger won 1. With Dave Raber being Top Qualifier.
    The A Main started 10 cars. It turned out to be called the' Doomed 150". As if you were the leader something was going to happen to you. One leader had his radio go dead ( forgot to charge it), Another lost his battery pack on a caution, and many times the leader would just spin out. Then were was the tough competition with tons of passing for the lead. In the end Brent Gottfried came away with the win.
    Results of the Doomed 150;

    1.Brent Gottfried 150 Laps
    2. John Kissel 150
    3. Bret Ketner 150
    4. Dave Raber 143
    5. Gary Mouser 140
    6. Mike Reinger 99
    7. Bill Rabideau 28
    8. Orrin Sunde 10
    9. Randy Brown 5
    10. Doug McCallum 3

    Our next race is next Saturday, 6/7/14. Also if you want Mike Reinger to buy your lunch next Saturday, show up as he is bringing the Hot Dogs and Buns.

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    Hi everyone - this is from Mike Myers. I guess I'm like the Janitor here, just keeping the system going.

    I had a long talk with Bill Scott a few days ago - he had problems getting onto SGRID, and I tried to explain what the problems are (an infinite number of computer "bots" that are also trying to break in). In fact,there are 15,000 (really!!!) fake accounts the computerized bots have created in the past six months!!! They're waiting for approval, but they're all going to be deleted. So far, I can't tell that any computerized bots have actually gotten through, and are now in the forums..

    I will come up with a new set of "trick questions", to get through the login process. That will hold off the bots for several months, at least. I will give Scott all the answers to the trick questions, and he will be able to pass them on to anyone from QSAC who asks. Maybe we can come up with a better idea later - maybe myself, or someone, can create an account ahead of time for every QSAC member..... that's for you guys to decide.

    Sorry about how tricky the questions need to be, but that's the only way I could think of to allow humans in, and keep bots out....

    As soon as I figure out how to do it, I'll get rid of the 15,000 fake accounts, and if I see any that I recognize as QSAC, I'll approve them. Maybe from now on, new people can enter their user name as "John Smith, QSAC #234567" and I can search for QSAC easily, and approve those - at least until the bots figure out that's the trick! :-)

    Hope you guys like this place - I haven't heard back from Brent in a long time, so I have no idea of people want me to try to make any changes. I need to call Brent in the near future.

    Enjoy the system!!
    Have Camera, Will Travel

    Smugmug Photo Gallery:

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    Orrin Sunde
    GLQSR Points Race # 4 is this Saturday June 28, 2014. This also the second race of the Sprint Car Series, even that we didn't have any Sprints at the first race. Practice at 9 and racing at 12.30. Cost is $15.00. Both Club Cars are ready to go, just waiting for a new racer that will be racing at Lansing. $500.00 each. We will also cut the Group Qualifying to 5 minutes from 10. Hope to see every one Saturday.

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    Orrin Sunde
    We had a super GREAT day of racing yesterday. First we have another new racer come and race with us. Welcome Anthony Searls to GLQSR. We also sold one of the Club cars to Paul Hass who will start racing at Lansing maybe as early next Tuesday at our practice and start racing on the 19th. Things are starting to brighten up at GLQSR. The racing was super as all 3 heat races everyone finished on the lead lap. It was very warm but most of the time there was a nice breeze to keep it liveable. During the Main the wind came up and temps went down and we cut the main by 3 laps because of rain. We had very close racing in the Main with tons of fun. Mike Reniger came away with the win.
    Dave Raber won two heats and John Kissel won 1 heat t race.

    Sportsmen 150 A Main

    1. Mike Reniger 147 Laps
    2. Dave Raber 147
    3. John Kissel 147
    4. Orrin Sunde 146
    5. Anthony Searls 145
    6. Gary Mouser 96
    7. Randy Brown 0

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    Orrin Sunde
    Check your Inbox I just sent out E News # 30. Me and Windows 8 LOL If you have a problem getting it just let me know.

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    Orrin Sunde
    My mistake wrong thread

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    Orrin Sunde
    What a day of racing, it was warm and sunny. New Club Member Antony Searls came away with a very hard fought win. So it continues 4 races 4 different winners. We have a new Club member, he is Paul Haas. Paul bought one of the cars that our Club had for sale. Welcome Paul. That makes 3 new members so far this year. Also a big thank you to Mike Reniger for running the races yesterday.

    Heat races were won by Anthony Searls won 1 heat and Randy Brown won 2 heats.

    Sportsman A Main 150 Laps
    1. Anthony Searls 150 Laps
    2. Randy Brown 150
    3. Orrin Sunde 150
    4. Gary Mouser 146
    5. Paul Haas 66
    6. Mike Reniger 0

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