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Thread: G.L.Q.S.R. for 2014

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    Orrin Sunde
    We had another great day for racing. Sunny and mid 80's Just prefect. It was also a tune up race for The Tri State Series race which is next week. I think everyone brought their A Game yesterday. In group qualifying it was Doug with a 6.7 , Randy a 6.8, Orrin a 6.91, Brent a 6.93, Gary a 7.0 and John didn't have a time.
    Heat races were won by Doug McCullum(2) and Brent Gottfried won 1.

    Sportsman A Main
    1. Brent Gottfried 150 Laps
    2. Doug McCullum 150
    3. Gary Mouser 149
    4. Randy Brown 148
    5. John Kissel 136
    6. Orrin Sunde 75

    The track will be open Tuesday afternoon when Randy is there. Cost $10.00 .

    Friday the track will be open from 10 to 7 for practice for the The Tri State Series race next Saturday.

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    Still not positive will make it. Hope so. Hotels for Friday night ?

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    Orrin Sunde
    It was a great day of racing. New faces, new cars and we ran two class's. The weather was warm and sunny.

    We have four new Club Members. We would like to welcome them to our Club. Mike Little, Todd Gunder, Eean Reilley, and Jeremy Reilley. Thank you

    We also rescheduled Points Race # 1 that was rained out and we will run it Sept. 20, 2014. Please mark your calendar.

    We are looking for another Club Car. It has to be a WCM or Lighting so that parts are easy to get. We would like it to be a complete car and hopefully in the 5 to 6 hundred dollar range. We put the car into our Club inventory and when some one comes around our races and gets really interest we have a car to sell them at what ever we pay for it. In the last two months we have sold three cars and have three new members coming on board. Just let me know if you have what we are looking for.

    Because of every one using Personal Transponders we want to sell our Club Transponders and charging rack that you pin into the body. We are asking $700.00.

    The heat races were won by Eean Reilley ( 3 ), Anthony Searls, Doug McCallum, Mike Little all won 1 heat race.

    Novice A Main
    1. Eean Reilley 100 Laps
    2. Todd Gunder 98
    3. Paul Haas 97
    4. Orrin Sunde A fill in

    Here is where your picture should be Eean

    Sportsman A Main
    1. Anthony Searls 150 Laps
    2. John Kissel 150
    3. Randy Brown 150
    4. Mike Little 150
    5. Jeremy Reilley 150
    6. Gary Mouser 150
    7. Doug McCallum 104

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    Orrin Sunde
    GLQSR is looking for two Club Cars. Club Cars are either used WCM or Lighting or Lighting look a likes . 5 to 6 hundred dollars for us to resell to new Quarter Scale racer's to race in Lansing. We sell them for what we have into them. We sold 3 Clubs Cars this year so far. E Mail or call me.

    616 / 862-5893

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    Orrin Sunde
    What a GREAT DAY of racing. After the Main everyone was talking about much fun the A Main was to race . The weather was outstanding, mid 70's and sunny and not much wind. The lead changed hand a LOT. Racing in the pack was always happening from the front to the rear of the field. It was GREAT. There is only one race left in Lansing this year, and it is next week. After the racing is done we are going to work on filling the cracks in the track. So stay around and help out. PLEASE.

    The heat races were won by; Anthony Searls won 2 , Brent Gottfried won 2 and John Kissel and Orrin Sunde each won 1.

    Sportsman A Main
    1. Anthony Searls 150 Laps
    2. John Kissel 150
    3. Randy Brown 150
    4. Orrin Sunde 150
    5. Gary Mouser 150
    6. Paul Haas 144
    7. Doug McCallum 126
    8. Brent Gottfried 54
    9. Bill Rabideau 0

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    Orrin Sunde
    Our season ending Banquet was yesterday at the Browns Race Shop. It was a Potluck with the Club supplying Steak and Chicken and everyone bringing a dish to pass. And WOW what a super meal it was. The home made food was more than excellent (even Randy's Cherry Cheesecake). Doreen even flew in from Florida when she found out it was a potluck. Thank you all for a great meal.
    When everyone was more than full we had a short Club Meeting to get a head start on next year. It's always interesting getting some thoughts from the wives.
    We found out that we made a fair amount of money this year, as we had lowered our race entry fee to $15.00 and when you joined the Club for $20.00 you got one FREE race. We also worked on having Club Cars for sale. That really worked out great for us. We had a GOOD year.
    We also decided to update our Decoder for the Scoring System for $600.00.
    The Man Up Rule. For our Tri State Series race we will use the Man Up Rule. For our Club Races, and because we are racing for FUN, we will continue our friendly version of it.
    For our Points System we are going to use a 50 point system, with dropping 1 point per position.
    We are also going to try running some multi main events that we have points for all mains. those races will be the same as Double or Triple point race days.
    We then handed out Awards for 2014. If Orrin took your picture with you and your car we had an Award for you. For those of you who were not here we will give them to you when we see you next year. Also the Top Five in Points received a $50.00 Gift Certificate from Bishop Racing Products.

    We hope that all of you have a GREAT Winter working on those cars and be sure to ask Santa for race parts. Thank you.

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