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Thread: 2014 QSAC NCS Racing Season

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984

    Exclamation 2014 QSAC NCS Racing Season

    The final touches and confirmations are being made over the next day or two.

    As soon as all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed the official announcement will be made on the QSAC website as well as here on the QSAC Forum.

    Just like our racetracks, this year will have some "turns" in it as well as something new.

    Give us a day or two to get everything shaped up and we will let you guys know the whens and wheres.

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    The schedule is posted!!!

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    Mike Sadler #1329
    April 25,26
    Hosted by: Lagoon Park R/C Raceway 2730 Lagoon Park Drive, Montgomery, Al.
    NCS Race 1

    May 16, 17
    Hosted by: Ingalls Motor Speedway
    300 Menden Road, Ingalls, IN
    NCS Race 2

    June 20, 21
    Hosted by: Newton Park & Bob Louk 801 North Michigan St. Lakeville, IN
    NCS Race 3

    July 11, 12
    Hosted by: Machesney Park 1220 Shappert Dr., Machesney Park, IL
    NCS Race 4

    Aug 26, 27
    Hosted by: Riverfront R/C Speedway
    627 Meriweather Drive, Ft Dodge, Iowa
    Speedweek Race 1
    NCS Race 5

    Aug 29, 30
    Hosted by: Veterans Park Speedway
    Algona, Iowa
    Speedweek Race 2
    NCS Final Showdown

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    Kevin Verschuure
    Like the idea of speedweek. If this works, maybe this could work with Ingalls/Newton Park or other tracks of close proximity.

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    Ken Leiker 1851
    Thanks for the quick release of the schedule this year....definitely helps plan for next year and juggle the work/play schedule!

    Awesome work QSAC!


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    Mike Sadler #1329
    This year we are trying something new, That we hope will give some people a way to save money in fuel costs of getting to an NCS race. We are calling it "Speed Week" We will have 2 NCS races in 1 weeks time. Aug 26,27 will be in Ft Dodge Iowa, then Aug 29,30 the Final Showdown in Algona Iowa. The tracks are about 35 miles or 45 minutes apart from each other. The tracks are fairly similar but we have left one day in between the two for practice an moving to another hotel if you so chose. Although they are are in the same week they are 2 separate events, you may attend both races or just one of them. We hope to see you all at SPEED WEEK!!!!

    Tony Evans, Todd Holloway and Mike Sadler

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    Orrin Sunde
    I was just looking at next years dates. Isn't the Algona date on Labor Day weekend?


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    Mike Sadler #1329
    Yes it is.

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    Dave Dygon #821
    On the QSAC web site it shows a banner to sign up for QSAC, the only form I see has 2013 on it should I just cross it out and write in 2014 or is a new form coming out with the correct year???...

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    Dave -- yes.

    The rulebook has not been edited for 2014 as of yet. Once that is done I will make all the forms current at the same time. Keeps me from having to go back and forth.

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