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Thread: 2014, The Tri State Series

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    Orrin Sunde

    2014, The Tri State Series

    I believe we had great a series in 2013. I am always looking and thinking about ways to make it better. Do you have any ideas that you think would make it more enjoyable to you the racer. To me it is all about freindship, fellowship, fun and good clean competition. In the past years we have made the races zero cost to the tracks by getting sponsors. Last year we had free track fuel to save the racers a little money. So if you have any ideas you would like to share let us know.

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    J.R. Parsley #1217
    Orrin, maybe if we can schedule the races around the Indy Car guys, we would have a lot better turn out. Their schedule should be out soon, and if we have to go early spring or late fall so they can make it, I'm for it.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Thanks JR. We are hoping to be able to work around the Indy Car schedule so that those 8 to 10 racer's would be able to come race the Series with us. That was a great thought. Thanks

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    Orrin Sunde
    We are pleased to present the Dates for The Tri State Series for 2014.

    July 26, 2014 Ingalls Motor Speedway

    August 9, 2014 FunTyme Raceway

    Sept. 13, 2014 Machesney Park Raceway

    Start making your plans now to attend 3 Super Fun Days of Racing. More news to follow later on.


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    Orrin Sunde
    The Tri State Series is pleased to announce the major Sponsor’s for 2014. The Series will be Presented by Holloway Vinyl Signs and Graphics and Powered by WCM Corp. Holloway Vinyl Signs and Graphics will pick up the cost of Champions Jackets and Series Trophies. WCM Corp. is providing Free Track Fuel and Door Prizes.
    The Tri State Series is one of the oldest and most prestigious Series in the United States. This the 15th year of the Series and will start out at The Mini Mad House in Ingalls, IN on July 26th. Then move on to the Big D in Lansing, MI on Aug. 9th. The final race is on the High Banks of Machesney Park, IL, on Sept. 13th.
    These races will draw in the best racers of the Mid West and even some from more distant places. They will be racing with FREE track fuel at all 3 races and the memory of saying I won a Tri State Series Race. One of the most coveted events in the country.
    Make your plans. The Tri State Series is headed your way in 2014.

    Orrin Sunde

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    Orrin Sunde
    February 6, 2014 Newsletter # 28

    Hi Tri Stater’s. Boy it’s been a long super cold winter so far and it is only early February. I know I sure could use some warmer weather. Enough is Enough. Maybe we will have to try Ice Racing. I know if I was to hit the Lotto we would be racing inside all year long.
    Other people tell me that if no one is bitching about the Tri State Series every thing is good. Man I can’t believe how GOOD things are in the Tri States Series. So we must be doing something right!
    As of right now things are moving along smoothly for this years Series. As announced in the last E News we have our MAJOR SPONSORS lined up in Holloway Vinyl Signs and Graphics and WCM. We have been working on the Associate Sponsors for Door Prizes to be given out at all 3 races. So far we have the following;
    1. A Cut Above, Bob Elloitt is donating $50.00 certificates
    2. QS Conponts, Frank Boling is donating Discount certificates
    3. KL Motorsports, Ken Lieker is donating Amsoil and Spark Plugs
    4. Holloway Signs and Graphic, Todd Holloway is donating decals
    5. WCM , Mark Hogue is donating various door prizes
    6. Pit Road Racing, Fred Murry is donating Amsoil for the track fuel
    We are still looking for more people to help out. If you think that you don’t have something to give out as door prizes, try this idea; THREE $25.00 GAS CARDS would work great. Wouldn’t you like to receive a $25.00 gas card as a door prize?
    As to racing for this year, all 3 tracks want to try the Group Qualifying, but want to try it first at Club races to get the bugs worked out. If they are not sure about it we will go back to the pill draw.

    If you have questions or concerns about the Tri State Series please feel free to let us know.

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    Orrin Sunde
    We think that spring is very, very close as we are seeing some brown ground and less white ground. Just a little update on what is going on with The Tri State Series.
    The biggest thing is that we are going to have a Concourse Contest in all class’s at each Series race. When you bring your car out for Concourse we have each class separated to be judged for each Concourse Winner. We will be giving out a business card size decal to be put on the winning car. Each body can only win once per year, and it MUST be raced that day. Good luck to all on having a winning body.
    All three tracks have agreed to use the following time schedule. Again it is every one working together to make things better for Quarter Scale Racing.

    Tri State Series Saturday Time Schedule

    8:00 to 10:00 Sign Ups
    8:00 to 9:00 Pre Tech
    9:00 to 10:00 Open Practice
    10:00 to 11:00 Control Practice
    11:00 to 11:45 Group Qualifying or Control Practice
    11:45 to 12:30 Concourse, Drivers Meeting, Door Prizes
    12:30 to 12:59 Lunch
    1:00 National Anthem

    If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to let us know. See you at the track.

    Orrin Sunde

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    Orrin Sunde
    The Tri State Series will aired on QSAC Live.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Now, you can check your Inbox for the E News. If you have a problem receiving it let me know.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Check your inbox as E News # 31 went out today

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