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Thread: 2013 Boyd Hughes All Star Challenge

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984

    2013 Boyd Hughes All Star Challenge

    Racers it is once again time for one of the biggest Quarter Scale Races in the country.

    The Boyd Hughes All Star Challenge.

    This is CCRC/LPR's annual charity race in rememberance of Boyd Hughes. We have held this race 8 times and so far it has produced 8 different winners. The proceeds go towards Boyd's daughter's, Caitlin's, college fund.

    This race has always been run a little different thanks to the mind of Marlin Wade, although Marlin is no longer with us, we will be keeping with that tradition.

    Not only that but this is the last running of this race. Caitlin will be going off to college next year so if you are a previous winner and would like to be the ONLY repeat winner, this is your last chance to do so. Or if you have never won this event, well this is it.

    The CCRC/LPR will continue with a Charity race next year, those details will be announced a later date.

    Now on to the race at hand, here are the details.

    9th Annual Boyd Hughes All Star Challenge

    Nov. 22-23, 2013
    Event Schedule

    Wed. Nov. 20 -- 9:00am Track Open (open practice)
    Dark Track Closed

    Thur Nov. 21 – 9:00am Track Open (Open Practice, controlled if needed)
    5:00pm Track Closed
    5:10pm Track Open (for participants in the Prelude Race ONLY)
    7:00pm Track Closed
    7:10pm Track Open (Open Practice)
    9:00pm Track Closed – Lights out

    Fri. Nov. 22 -- 7:30am Coffee and Donuts with the Crew
    9:00am Track Open (Open Practice, Controlled if needed)
    5:00pm Track closed
    5:10pm Track Open for Prelude Practice Only
    5:45pm Single Car Prelude Qualifying
    6:00pm LCQ for Prelude Race
    ** LCQ will be used for more than 10 entries. If More than 10, top 8 will make the main the remainder of the entries will run a 35 lap shootout, top two finishers make up the last 2 positions in the Prelude Race.

    10 Minute break to set up main

    Prelude to the challenge 125
    Red Flag fuel stop at 75lap mark

    9:00pm Track Closed – Lights out

    Sat. Nov 23 -- 7:30am Registration Open Coffee and Donuts
    9:00am Track Open Controlled Practice
    9:00-9:10 Limited Sportsman
    9:10-9:20 TBA
    9:20-9:30 Sprint Cars
    9:30-9:45 Sportsman Group 1
    9:45-10:00 Sportsman Group 2
    Group 1 & 2 will be listed on the Drivers Stand and Timing booth

    10:00am Track Closed – Tech Open
    Track will re-open upon completion of Pre-Tech Schedule TBA.

    12:00 Track Closed for Lunch, Best Paint and Parade of Cars
    12:45 Single Car Qualifying ALL CLASSES

    See Page 2 for Saturday Details

    Sat Nov 23 -- Running order will be:

    Sprint Cars, Limited Sportsman, Modified, Sportsman

    Sprint Cars, Limited Sportsman & Modified will run 4 timed laps to determine placement in the qualifiers.

    Sportsman single car qualifying will consist of a combined time of four timed laps. One lap MUST include a stop and go on pit road in the predetermined area. Failure to come down pit road, come to a complete stop or to stop inside the marked area will result in a 1 minute penalty added to that racers time.

    Top Qualifier in Sportsman Single Car Advances to P1 for feature.

    After Sportsman Single Car Heats will be set and the running order will be as follows:

    Sprint Car Group(s) 25 Lap Qualifiers
    Limited Group(s) 40 Lap Qualifiers
    Modified Group(s) 40 Lap Qualifiers
    Sportsman Group(s) 50 Lap Qualifiers

    Sprint Car Group(s) 25 Lap Qualifiers
    Limited Group(s) 40 Lap Qualifiers
    Modified Group(s) 40 Lap Qualifiers

    Sprint Car B-Main 50 Laps*
    Limited B Main 75 Laps*
    Modified B-Main 75 Laps*
    Sportsman B-Main 75 Lap Race
    *=If Needed

    Sprint Main 75 Laps
    Limited Main 100 Laps
    Modified Main 100 Laps
    9th Annual Boyd Hughes All-Star Challenge Main Event

    BHASC Sportsman Main will consist of: (at least 10 cars, Max of 12)
    P1- Single Car T.Q.
    P2- P7 Will be determined by finishing position in heats and announced at drivers meeting.
    P8- B Main 1st place
    P9- B Main 2nd Place
    P10- Pill Draw of remaining racers
    P11- BHASC Qualifier Points Winner Provisional**
    P12- 2012 Winner of the BHASC Provisional**
    (**this racer is allowed to better position by running qualifiers. If starting position is bettered or not used, this position is not filled by another racer)

    Sportsman Main Event format

    Rules of the Race:
    LPR Starting Procedure, all races start at the Start/Finish Line.
    Man-Up rule
    Marlin Wade Rule (AKA Lucky dog)

    Length of the Race:
    312 Laps in with 4 Red Flag Fuel Stops

    Red Flag Fuel stops at the 50,100,165,237 Lap Marks
    50 & 100 Lap Fuel stop, no break Fuel ONLY, any additional work, car to rear
    165 Lap Fuel Stop – 10 minute break any adjustment may be made*
    *cars may not be allowed to leave pit area TBD
    237 Lap Fuel Stop – 10 minute break any adjustment may be made*
    *cars may not be allowed to leave pit area TBD

    At ANY one of the fuel stops the field may be inverted, this will be done by drawing during drivers meeting and not announced until the fuel stop is completed.

    ADA Racing/DDM aluminum intake LEGAL at this race

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    Randy Baker 82
    Is there going to a track fuel or do we bring our own ?

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    BYOF Bring your own fuel.

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    Randy Baker 82
    GTYSTO , LOL , good thing you spelled that out . Took me a couple seconds there . Thanks for the reply Scott , wasn't sure about the fuel , I'll add it to the packing list .

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    Brent Gottfried, QSAC# 568
    Heard it was a great race, Scott. How's the report coming?

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