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Thread: The Firearm Gallery!

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    First thought - that is all VERY impressive!!!
    Second thought - you've got your room all set up and operational again - this means you're already reloading? What is the "thing" attached to the gooseneck? My first guess is something to hold ammunition, but ?????

    Something new? I've got a Colt on "hold" which I'll pick up as soon as I return from India. I'll post photos as soon as I get it.

    There is nothing going on in India as far as I know that involves shooting, so I've been way too busy with other things. I miss going to the range though. I wonder how much I'll have forgotten when I return.
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    Mike...its a port level ammo block. It keeps ammo close to the port for faster cycling. Target rifles are single shots and need to be manually loaded into the rifle. shop is set up so I can load. Still have to mount my shotshell hurry on that though.

    What kind of colt do you have waiting?

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    Aha! That's what it looked like it might be, but I never dreamed of something so fancy!! Did you design/make it?

    The Colt is a "1 of 1000" (but they only made 800 or so), from a long time ago, that was kept in a safe and never fired. It came from the Colt custom shop. I've got all the information back in Miami. My own Colt is better now, but would need some work done to it to finish the improvements I'm after. Replacing the barrel bushing made a huge improvement in how well I can shoot. I wish I knew that 20 years ago - I always blamed myself for the inaccuracy.

    Your shop looks compact, but very nicely set up. If I remember correctly, you had all the reloading tools, and several machine tools as well?
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    No, I did not design or make it.

    Yes...I had all the equipment. I started loading in 1990, so I've accumulated alot of stuff! As for a compact shop...yeah it is kinda. I have plans on closing it all in at some point, but what I have now will suffice.

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    Now THAT is simply wonderful!!!! What a place to have for working on gun gear, cleaning, reloading....

    By next year I bet you'll have speakers up on the walls for background music while you're reloading.

    I'd say it's all too clean - but I realize it's brand new! ...nice job with the photo, too!
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    Awfully quiet in here! Anyone have any new gun pics? Post em up!

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    I was going to be posting a photo here of a gun I was planning to buy, one of the "one of 1,000" Colt 45's (the real number of the guns made was closer to 700), but I still haven't purchased it.... It's nicer than the Colt I already have, but I probably should keep shooting my own gun, until when/if I ever reach the limitations of the gun.

    About the only thing I've bought recently, is a new pair of "shooting glasses", which is a set of the right kind of glass, but with a prescription for the distance to the gun's sights. I got to try them at a relative's house... The results were mixed. I could clearly see and focus on the sight, but having gone without shooting for five months, I couldn't hold the gun as steadily as before.... especially as I continued to shoot. Each successive target was a little bit worse, leaving me rather discouraged.
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    Mike....keep in mind; one can never have too many guns, lol

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    Chuck..... I know what you mean. I kept telling myself, "self, it's a good investment for the future, even if I didn't really get to shoot it that much". Unfortunately, another part of me came back with "hey, you're getting a new MX-5 Miata, and you ALSO want to get other new toys?" I didn't have a good answer, but then again, it's the kind of thing you do regardless of how much sense it makes.

    Life was easier when I had a real income. Back then, I could talk myself into things more easily. The new (stored) Colt is just a bit under $2K, and while I've wanted it since the day I first saw it, I can't convince myself to go ahead with it............
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    Steve Talley
    I'll see if I can put some pictures up over the next few days. I've had to force myself to stay away from the Grid for a long time, to fight the rc urge. But we're leaving Va to go to Nebraska, and I think I planted the RC bug in my son over the phone tonight, so I might be able to allow myself to get a car again soon.

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