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Thread: The Firearm Gallery!

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    Cool - welcome back!!!

    What kind of car are you going to get, and will it be for just "having fun" or "competition"?

    Nebraska - what will you be doing there?
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    Steve Talley
    Haven't really decided what car to get yet. A lot will depend on how involved my son wants to get with it. I'd kinda like to do nitro touring, and maybe short course. Talking to Chris Kovachevich, Lincoln is an RC hotspot, so the choices are open. And living on a little over 100 acres, we might just build our own track and get a couple 1/8 buggies and call it good enough.

    The plan is to finally be happy. Virginia just hasn't been good to use over all. I'm finishing up my biomed repair degree and should be done by the middle of August, so I'm hoping to get a job working on medical equipment.

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    Very nice - where did you get all the parts? How much work does it take to install them?

    By the way, how's Robbie? Please say hi from me again!
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    Bob Malphurs
    Lots of good "how to" articles and videos on the net, just google "saiga conversions". I did everything with just a few tools, drill/bits and dremel. It was my first atempt at gunsmithing to this extreme so was a little nervous! But a background in R/C building made it lots easier.

    I spent a lot of time researching before I bought my rifle. I decided what I wanted was a brand new rifle, Russian made, matching numbers with the dimpled magwell. So the Saiga IZ-132 was it.

    Another good choice (probably the better choice) for a conversion AK rifle would be the Saiga IZ-332 rifle. With this one all the front end work is already factory installed. It's about $60 more than the IZ-132 ($399 vs $459) but most have no magwell dimples. You can convert this one for about $130+.

    Saiga IZ-332
    Name:  IZ132MODEL2.jpg
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    Lots to look at here -> Atlantic Firearms

    Conversion parts here -> Dinzag Arms and here -> Carolina Shooters Supply
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    If I start getting interested in too many things, I'll soon be going broke. I wish I had the skills that you and Chuck constantly show off in your ability to build things. I'm OK at bolting parts together, but for using machine tools - forget it. I just have never really had the experience.

    By the way, do you go to indoor ranges, or outdoor?

    If you guys make it up to the Great Lakes Challenge, maybe I'll get a chance to see you again! Any plans? I'll be there for just under a week.
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    Quiet in here! Any new firearms?

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