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Thread: Need help with info on a Scorpion.

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    Need help with info on a Scorpion.

    Could anybody help me with info on this Scorpion chassis.
    As far as I know it is a prototype that never made production. As the company shut down before it was finished..
    The info I have so far is there were only 3 built and to my knowledge this is the only one in left.
    On a body that was for the first model Scorpion that came in the deal when it was purchased in 2002 it has the name Driver Bruce Field and also came with the name Field Racing Enterprise.
    Any help with information on the company or cars they built would be great.

    I am having trouble downloading the pictures.

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    Here are the pictures of the scorpion.
    Name:  009.JPG
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Size:  138.6 KBName:  010.JPG
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Size:  165.1 KBName:  007.JPG
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Size:  157.7 KBName:  008.JPG
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    Fuzzy. Bruce Fields was the owner of Scorpion. They were made in Phoenix in the 1975 time frame. Bruce championed his own car and there was one other person that raced them as well. I have a couple of pictures of the car with a Lola 222 body on them. Chuck Phelps ran one for a time before being sponsored by Associated. They were well made and had a black kydex radio tray that had a very nice configuration. There are ad's in Racing Circuits for the car. Their major problem was cost as they were probably twice as expensive as an RC1 or RC100. But they were very nice looking with the yellow anodized aluminum chassis. On Volume 3 of Gene Hustings Video you will see a very short clip of a Scorpion with Chuck Phelps working on it.

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