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Thread: My personal observations

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984

    My personal observations

    I put this up on HT and am copying it to here.

    Sometimes ya just gotta vent ya know?

    I am going to tell you guys what I don't get, what is the problem?

    I mean really what is it?

    I know a lot of you; have talked to those of you with some sort of beef and still I really don't understand.

    There is the "claim" of the "QSAC Clique", oh come on. Then there is the "Power of the Co-Chair" non-sense. Well I feel I am friends with both sides and I am about to blow this thing wide open. Because honestly I am sick of it. Now for those of you who think I am too harsh, or abrupt, straightforward or whatever you would like to call it or think I should sugar coat it better, you might want to quit reading here. I am going to call it like I see it and if we as GROWN MEN can't take the truth, well find something else to read and do.

    Now is your last chance, stop here or your feelings might get hurt.

    Ok I warned you.

    The QSAC Clique.

    It is a myth. It is something made up by those that have not, do not or will not get their way on whatever rule, schedule or decision that is made. Ironically these are the same people that go behind the scenes and stir up the most crap. They do not get involved, they just sit back, say what all is wrong, offer no real solution, offer no real help. They just bitch.

    Now if you would like to call the VERY FEW that ARE INVOVLED and do make the things happen inside QSAC a clique, then so be it, but you are WRONG. You have your terms incorrect. You should call these the LEADERS of QSAC. Or maybe we should call them the "Magical QSAC Fairies". That is how it all happens right? The scheduling, the sponsorships, the give aways, the awards, and the races it is all done by Magical Fairies when we are all sleeping. I mean nobody takes time from their lives to put this stuff together, it just happens.

    Give me a break!

    The Power of the Co-Chairs:

    Give me a minute because I am laughing my rear end off about this one.

    Any single one of you that thinks that either one of the QSAC Co-Chairs wields this almighty sword over the kingdom is so sadly mistaken it is not even funny.

    This has got to be the WORST JOB in QSAC, hands down.

    Ask yourself, those of you that continually complain that they "don't know what they are doing", "are idiots" and even worse. Yes it has been done and even worse. Ask yourself, would YOU put up with YOU? What I mean is that if YOU were Co-Chair and someone called you up and gave you the earful that you gave the Co-Chair, or were so criticized on every decision, how would YOU handle it?

    I personally think I know the Co-Chairs pretty well and I believe in my heart of hearts that they make the very best decision that they can with THE BEST INTEREST OF RACING IN MIND.

    Rules are only made for a few.


    They are made so that the playing field is kept as level as possible.

    The real big hang up was washers. Oooooo I said the "W" word. At first I was convinced that washers should be allowed, stated my opinion that way and could not believe the rule was not changed. But then I got off my rear and made some calls, was allowed to express my side and was listened to. Then it was explained to me why the decision was made the way it was. It has been said time and time again, put on the QSAC site why the decision was made the way it was. Most every single person I have talked to explained the QSAC view on the situation 100% understands and agrees with it. There are those out there that still do not agree with the ruling, and that is fine. But at the end of the day, after a year of racing without them, they are not needed. Told ya I was blowing the lid off.

    QSAC makes mistakes

    Well no kidding, who doesn't?

    Are there things QSAC needs to do better? Yes there are. Number 1 on that list is communication. To me there is never enough of this, ask anyone who has ever been to one of my drivers meeting and they will tell you I probably give too much information, well I don't think you can have too much.

    While we are the communication subject. You guys do realize that here in 2013 almost 2014 that email, cell phones and land-lines do work both ways don't you? I mean YOU can call the QSAC Leadership Team and actually have a conversation with them, ask questions, give suggestions and any other manner of things.

    The QSAC website, that is the #1 source for all things QSAC, the latest announcements, rules, schedules and NCS info is on that site but yet some of you never go there. When I am asked about something about QSAC, I will answer the question but then I ask if they checked the QSAC website. Most of the time the answer is no. It is a resource people, use it.

    The RULES

    Oh this is a doosy; I think that is how you spell it.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me something about the rules and had it wrong because they "heard it from so-and-so". I will dare say that 99.99% of the time when this happens that person has not taken the time to #1, download the rulebook, #2 download the By-laws, and #3 READ THEM. These things are not written in Latin, they are plain English and very easy to read. DO IT.

    The rulebook was a mess, it had been years and years of adding and refining without ever really being overhauled. Before the release of it last year Tony Evans, Mike Sadler and Jim Bell spent countless hours doing just that and some of you still griped. I dare say that those doing the complaining have NEVER tried something like that so you really should just ZIP-IT. Are there some things that still need to be straightened out, yes and those are being handled.

    Are the rules really that hard to follow? Are they so confining that they are making the racing bad? No I think just the opposite.

    We need a new organization

    Well here it is folks. NO WE DO NOT.

    It is a simple fact that there are not enough of us to fragment. It is simple math, there are just too few of us. For those of you just bound damned and determined to disagree take a look at a few examples with more members and money than QSAC.

    ROAR and all of the little splinter groups in 1/10th Oval racing, simply put a disaster in comparison to days of old.

    Indy/Cart, oh that worked didn’t it. For years the “Great American Race” the Indy 500 was a joke. Look at it now. Indy and Cart got back together and I dare say are enjoying more success because of it.

    Now take a look at NASCAR, really do I need to say more?

    Before any of you go down the road that you are headed, put the brakes on and pull over. I am not saying QSAC is or should be exactly like NASCAR but it is a working model we take emulate to suit our needs.

    The old days were better and we had more racers

    I guess in some ways they were, if you just look at car counts. But look at the advancements. No crystals, better tires, better engines, better cars. I’ll take today thank you.

    As far as getting new racers, that is the real trick isn’t it? I still say availability is the #1 hold back in getting new racers.

    I think that in a close 2nd if not a dead tie is the economy. Let’s face it, this stuff aint free. It is alos not that bad once you get in but getting a guy to plunk down the $$$ for a car is a spur of the moment thing and if there is not a car there when he is ready, he is not buying.

    If any of you have a great idea on how to get new racers, heck let me know. Or even better yet JUST DO IT.


    Yep we need more of that too. NSSN is publishing some stories on us and that is cool. Look guys National exposure is cool, but to be frank about it is NOT THE ANSWER. Quarter scale racing is going to live or die depending on the grass roots/local level of racing. All the National stuff in the world won’t do a beans worth of good if there are no local tracks for race on. So grow your local program and the Natin will follow. I guarantee it.

    Well there it is guys. QSAC blown wide open and few more things I felt I needed to get off my chest.

    Now I have to go get a car ready for myself and for a friend that is going to run one in the Boyd Hughes race.

    One more thing, THANK A VET today. It is from their sacrifice of blood, sweat, tears and lives that we are able to come on here and complain about how we are going to “play race car driver” all for “bowling trophies”

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    J.R. Parsley #1217
    Well said Scott, I totally agree!
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