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Thread: 2014 BHASC Wrap up

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984

    2014 BHASC Wrap up

    To say that the race was a success would be an understatement and a dis-service to those that make it happen.

    Before I get started I need to get a few things out of the way.

    First of all, Wayne Rogers, THANK YOU. If it was not for you stepping up and being willing, or crazy depending on your view, enough to run the Sportsman event I would not have gotten to race. You did a great job under a heck of a spotlight and all of the racers thought you did a GREAT job!

    To ALL the members of the Greatest R/C Club in America; CCRC. It is my privledge to have been Co-Chair of such a group. You guys make me look good, without you guys, it simply does not happen.

    Now that that is out of the way...


    Those of you that thought the weather was going to ruin it, do not know about the "bubble". Come to the track, you will learn.

    The track was great, the racing was fast and close and the fellowship was off the chart.

    I got there about noon Thursday and fired up the computer, the few that were there managed to turn only a measly 3653 practice laps.

    Friday rolls around and the masses arrive, the prelude was changed to Sprint Cars and by the time all was said and done another 14,445 laps had been turned on the track.

    The prelude race was fantastic! 7 Sprint cars, 100 laps, 50 lap fuel stop, field inversion and some of the best Sprint Car racing I have ever seen. Jeff and Todd were FLYING!! Randy Baker and Randy Brown were setting the down quickly as well. In the End it was Todd Holloway 1st, Randy Brown 2nd with Jeff Grahn in 3rd. Jeff turned a 6.05 fast lap on the cold track and made it look easy. Both Todd and Jeff were really flying with Randy close in his rent-a-ride.

    After coffee (provided by Hunter Service; Wayne Rogers) and donuts in the AM things got under way at the track. I must say everyone was nice and relaxed. Tech opened and closed the practice got under way.

    Limited was shaping up to be a good race with David in a new ride, Keith fast and Tim running well too.

    Sprints, well they were Sprints so they were flying!

    There were SEVERAL fast cars in Sportsman and I heard/saw the following turn in sone 6.0-6.1 laps. Jeff, Chris, Scott, Jerry, Todd and Lorenzo.

    Sprints elected to forego single car qualifying.

    Single car qualifying was, well interesting. It was 4 laps, all counted with a hitch. A stop must be made on pit road in a specific location. Here are the times of that round.

    Chris Hogue 32.955
    Jeff Grahn 33.984
    Todd Holloway 34.134 (including a battle with the safer barrier )
    Jerry Evans 34.432
    Scott Harper 35.028
    Randy Brown 35.869
    Allen Johnson 38.020
    Raymond Johnson 34.821*
    Lorenzo Benton 38.240*
    Tim Sunde 39.866*
    Bubba Coker 40.436*
    Mike Clark 41.361*

    *= a 1 minute penatly added to time for not stopping in the box.

    There are heat by heat results on our facebook page, check them out.

    The top 3 in all the classes are as follows:


    1- Todd Holloway
    2- Jeff Grahn
    3- Randy Baker

    All on the lead lap too!

    Limited Sportsman

    1-Keith Barnes
    2- David Popham
    3- Mark Hogue

    Also all on the lead lap


    1-Todd Holloway (The ONLY 2-Time winner EVER in the BHASC)
    2- Jerry Evans
    3- Randy Brown

    The top 8 cars all on the lead lap. 11 cars started, 10 ran through lap 281! That is RACING!!

    All in all another GREAT event here at the "Home of Southern Hospitality" Lagoon Park R/C Raceway Home of the Capitol City Race Club.

    I would be remiss in my duties if I did not mention our sponsors.

    Daves Discount Motors
    Bob Elliot - A cut above Gears
    Boca Bearing
    Hoosier Tires

    Now here are some things heard around the track, some of you will just have to bear with me on these.

    Breakfast was my idea.
    What is the difference between bone-in and not?
    What kind of dog is that?
    Have you checked the weather?
    Does anoybody want coffee or donuts?
    Don't eat the brownies, they are poison.

    Oh I forgot something. Total laps turned this weekend 30,450 for a distance of 1845 miles. Try that with batteries!

    See ya at the track guys!

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    Randy Baker 82
    Scott , what did you think of the way the sprints qualified for the Prelude ? I think the general concensous of the group was favorable .

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    OH oh oh, I forgot about that!

    I thought it was cool. In our new upgrade it has the capability for Formula One style qualifying I will have to play with it to see how it works, but the way I did it at the race was easy to keep up with.

    For those of you wondering...

    We ran a 10 minute window of qualifying, fastest lap was your starting position.

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