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Thread: Qsac 2014

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    If you open the rules from the main page, there should be an option on your Abode Reader to save the file.

    If there is not, go to the forms tab on the site, scroll down to the 2014 Rules, right click, save.

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Green #1929 View Post
    12-31-13 20 Addition of Dual Band Right Front Tire Tire Added.

    Can some one enlighten me on what this tire is? I am a simpleton and is that a 96Z or a completely new tire all together.

    What benefits will this tire provide.

    Will this save me money?
    Thank you
    This is an additional tire created by Todd at BRP. The 96 and 96Z are still available and both legal.

    The dual-band tire has a softer compound rubber on the inside with a harder compound on the outside. The foam is whatever you order and NOT DUAL COMPOUND. The split is about 80% soft 20% hard.

    It is just another choice to have at your disposal and it also gives the opportunity to do some comparisons of this style of RF along side of the traditional style tire.

    As in every other tire, will it be fast, slow, last longer, save you money all depends on your setup and driving style.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I see we changed the Novice Class back to Limited Sportsman. Maybe you could tell us if the intent of the Class is still an Entry Level Class or has it changed to a second car class that anyone can run in. And is there going to be National Points and a Champion? Or is it going to be a Trophy Class with no points? Some of us would like to drop down to a second car class, but I don't think we should if it's a Entry Level Class. So were do we want this class to go to in the future? Just wondering what we want it to be. Thanks. Have a great off season.

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    Orrin --

    As per the rules on page 14 it reads:

    QSAC N.C.S. Format
    The general District format of the QSAC Showdown N.C.S. follows the standard QSAC event formats except as noted below. The program at each event must include races for each official QSAC class in which 3 or more cars are present.
     Points will be awarded, as outlined on page 8, for each eligible Class in which at least 3 cars compete. Eligible classes include Novice, Sportsman, Super Truck, Sprint Car and East Coast Modified. Note: If you run Novice, you cannot run any other class. (03.16.12)

    The only thing changing is the name of the class, from Novice back to Limited Sportsman.

    Now as your question of "is it a beginner class?", not exclusively. Right now we have beginners and guys who don't want to run Sportsman but still want to run 8.5 car. Now this class has historically been one of racers with less experience and therefore feel more comfortable here. This is also a shorter program as far as laps.

    Can you run another class if you run Limited Sportsman? NO

    Where do we want this class to go? Really wherever the members take it. I see it as being a class of both beginners, who will hone their skills and move up to Sportsman, and those that just want to spend the race weekend running their cars without the pressure of the Sportsman Class.

    As far as the rules go, the only thing changing, as of this post, are the names of the co-chairs, the NCS dates and the wording "Novice" to "Limited Sportsman".

    Hopefully this answers you questions, if not feel free to fire away.

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