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Thread: Winter projects?

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984

    Winter projects?

    As far as my TNT..

    Already torn down for a complete go through. Found bent and jammed heims. Replacing servos. New body. Freshen engine.

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    Orrin Sunde
    Hey Scott. If that is all you have to this winter, let me know. I have more than enough to do. As far as cars go I am working on the two that GLQSR has purchased to sell to newcomers that want to race in Lansing. In other GLQSR stuff we are wotrking on next years schedule, working on a new banner to hang out at the road for our track and how to get the word out about GLQSR. In the Tri State Series working on major sponsor and also sponsors for door prises at the Series races. If you want to help that would be a big help. Oh well, we will get done one way or another. After all we are talking RACING not work. Have a good Holiday.


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