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Thread: BPR New dual band R/F

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    Todd Holloway 036

    BPR New dual band R/F

    To all QSAC members, there has been a few questions about the BRP new right front tire. Instead of several different people trying to explain it I felt it would be better coming right from the manufacture. Todd Bishop was more than willing to do this for us. Below you will find the reason behind the new Dual Band Compound. Thanks from Todd Holloway and Mike Sadler

    Bishop Racing Dual Compound
    Iím sure there will be a lot of questions regarding the new Right front dual compound tire that was approved by Qsac for the 2014 yr. Let me explain how the Dual Compound will work and the reasons why this will benefit our racing.
    For comparisons, the traction rating will fall between our 96 and 96Z compounds. Just like any tire, it will depend on chassis setup, and track conditions. The difference with the dual compound is the way it reacts to turning into a turn and how it reacts coming off a turn. When you enter a turn, it will have a tendency to not let the car over steer, and coming off a turn you will have more RR bite and less likely to get loose.
    Overall, the Dual compound tire will help balance the chassis and help tire wear.
    Any further questions you may have, e-mail or give us a call.
    Thanks, Todd Bishop
    Bishop Racing Products

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    The tire does just what Todd says it does.

    He came out with some test tires late in the year and seeing as LPR is one of the first to start up and last to close he sent a couple to Jerry and I to play with.

    Just bolting on the tire without any other changes to the setup at all. The car still turned in pretty good, say about 8.5-9 if what it was doing before was a 10. From the beginning of the apex to exit is where I saw the biggest difference. The car just had a slight drift/push/wash. Not one that you would put it into the wall with but just enough to keep it from getting loose. Tire was good in traffic and very predictable throughout the run and in traffic.

    I would think that with some very minor changes to the RF the turn in would be right where I would like it.

    I am looking forward to getting another one to do some more testing with.

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    John Foster #979
    Maybe this could be a spec tire for novice? From what you said, Scott, that would help our rookies at IQSR. Thanks for the info!

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