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Thread: Central District Director

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    Todd Holloway 036

    Central District Director

    Would like to welcome and introduce our new Central District Director. J.R. Parsley has stepped up and taken the position that I had held. Please welcome JR to the team. I'm sure with his passion for the sport and his knowledge of racing he will be a big asset to the quarter scale family. JR contact info is on the contact us page on the qsac web site.

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    J.R. Parsley #1217
    Thanks Todd! It is an honor to get to work with an organization that produces fun and friendships like QSAC. With some very exciting changes already made under the leadership of Todd and Mike, I am looking forward to this year's season. I think the future of QSAC is brighter now than it has been in years and the potential to grow our hobby is better than ever. I will do my best to keep this positive momentum going and if you have any suggestions that you would like to run by me or any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    J.R. Parsley QSAC #1217

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    Scott Harper QSAC#1984
    Congrats JR and welcome to the trenches!

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    J.R. Parsley #1217
    Thanks Scott! I'll try to keep my head down and helmet on!

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    J.R. Parsley #1217
    It is my pleasure to introduce Dave Dygon to the QSAC Team. Dave has accepted the QSAC Central District Director (Northern Region). With Dave's long active role in full scale racing alongside R/C racing and his willingness to travel to NCS events, I believe Dave will be a big asset to our success as a club. Dave's contact info is currently on the QSAC website.

    Thanks, J.R. Parsley, Central District Director

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    Dave Dygon #821
    I am proud to accept the role as Central District Northern Director for QSAC an organization that I fully support and believe does a great job keeping quarter scale racing moving forward.

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    Todd Holloway 036
    Welcome DD. I'm sure you will be a big asset to QSAC. We see what you do each and every week and know your heart and passion is in the right place. Thanks for stepping up. Todd

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