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Thread: Gun Shops and Shooting Ranges

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    Gun Shops and Shooting Ranges

    I've been to several gun shops in Michigan and Florida over the years. In Michigan, most of my shooting was outdoors. In Miami, the shooting ranges seem to be mostly indoor. While reading reviews on the internet, I found one that sounded very nice - Florida Gun Center. Their website is and they're located in a convenient location quite close to downtown Miami.

    I've gone there several times over the past month or so, and I've got nothing but compliments to say about the place. It's bright, clean, with a helpful staff, and an excellent range. The target holders are electrically controlled, and move in and out at the flip of a switch. The cost to shoot is $10, which is very reasonable. Ammunition prices are also reasonable - not the lowest, but not overly high. The photos posted below will say far more than anything I type here. Their website has been improved over the past few weeks, so I will invite them to visit this forum if any of them have the time.

    In the above photos, the range is quite empty. It was a rainy day, around 5pm on a Friday. You never know how busy the place is going to be, but I've never yet had to wait for a place to shoot.

    The staff seem to be quite knowledgeable about guns and shooting, and the few times I've had questions, they were always able to help out. They also rent guns, so if you're thinking about a particular type of gun, you can rent it and try it out.

    People tell me that parking is limited - I'm sure some of the spaces are used up by the nearby shops. I've never had to wait for a parking place, but that's something to be aware of. Eye and ear protection is mandatory, but I was told if you forget something, they have them available.

    If you've already seen the Florida Gun Center website, maybe you're not aware that in the past few weeks it has been completely re-done. There is a page with all the range fees, which now includes yearly memberships. There are also pages for law enforcement officers, the range, classes, training, and several interesting videos.

    I'll post one of the videos here - this was filmed at Florida Gun Center. Of all the videos posted there, I thought this was the most entertaining.

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    Wow, I'm surprised they let you take pictures in there. Here in the Northeast, it's not allowed. It feels like you've entered a secret club. It's probably the different gun laws down in Florida.
    f/8 and be there!

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    MK, as I was signing in to shoot, I asked the fellow behind the counter if I could take a few photos for something I want to post about their shop and range. It's the same person you see in the first photo, all the way to the right, who was looking at me as I snapped that photo. The whole atmosphere in this place is sort of like an indoor r/c car track, with everyone helping everyone else, and spending time doing what they obviously enjoy. It's all very friendly. It's nothing like what I expected when I first went there - and the store is bright, and clean, and obviously well kept, with lots of "eye candy" on the shelves and walls. Prices seemed reasonable too. I plan to sign up and become a member.

    I first wanted to take some photos there because I thought the photos on their old website didn't do justice to how nice a place this is. Now their photos are much better. Maybe if they give me the OK, I can take my time and do better than what I've already posted here, but I didn't want to be "in the way".

    Next time I go, I will bring along a small camera, and maybe take a few videos similar to the ones they've got posted, but done a little better. Most of the videos they now have posted on their website seem.... well, let's just say, I think I can do much better. I'll do it in high-res too.

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    that is a very nice looking facility. I am a little paranoid at indoor ranges. I am a member at a local outdoor range which I enjoy much better.
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    Why paranoid at indoor ranges? Richochets?
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    Nope. I am paranoid of psycho suicidal types who might come in with a "buddy" just to rent a gun so he/she can off himself and maybe take one or two guys with him. I normally go to the end where I can see most movement. If someone right next to me backs away from the lane I do the same.

    I also hate being next to an inexperienced individual who might have zero muzzle awareness. I have yelled at a couple of people at the indoor range.

    On the other hand, the outdoor (members only) range I belong to does not rent guns and it is big enough that I can shoot all by my lonesome without having to worry about beginners who do not practice the 4 commandments. Unlike at an r/c race, there is zero tolerance at the range for the inexperienced. If you dont know what you are doing, take some firearm handling classes.

    I have been VERY close to a couple of negligent discharges and it aint fun.
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    I bet your experience overseas helps tremendously - and makes you aware of things that the average person might not notice. When reading your post, I realized that I am concentrating so hard on what *I* am doing, I completely lose track of what others are doing. I'm only aware of them when I stop for a break.

    They charge $200 or so for a year's membership. I wish they assigned one day a week for "members only". That would probably minimize the concerns that you've got - newbies, and people with bad intentions would have no incentive to have signed up as a member, and wouldn't attend on a "members only" day.

    Do you get to shoot more here, or overseas?

    I wish Chuck was here in Miami - I'd like to see some of his weapons close up. He's the only person I know who can make their own weapons. I need to ask him to copy over some of his great photos from the old forum.

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    We have a few good gun ranges around central Fl. All indoor, which is why I haven't found a place to fire my AR15 yet. The ranges I like are shoot straight and Oak Ridge. Both decent ranges, shoot straight is a bit bigger and less cluttered though, but it is also a further drive.

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    I shoot a LOT more back home. I am now shooting about 300 shotgun shells a week. Close to 1000 a month on my 9mm and another 1000 of 5.56
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    Wedjim, I'd ask you about photos, but I'm guessing they wouldn't allow it. Do those ranges have websites?

    Javier, wow! That's 500 rounds a week, on average - awesome!!! I'm guessing that's around $200 a week, unless you're doing your own reloading? The next time you go, how about posting a photo of your target? You've got to be pretty durn good with that much practice.

    Since you're doing this to make yourself better when you're overseas, it would be nice if the services could get you ammunition at a subsidized rate, but since you said they're trying to cut costs even overseas, that's unlikely. If you're not doing the reloading, do you get your ammo from the internet?

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