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Thread: Gun Shops and Shooting Ranges

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    Mike, I dont shoot at all when overseas. If I have to fire a shot in anger over there then the shit really hit the fan. My shotgun shooting is going to slow down to about 100 or so a week.

    I buy reloads, $165 for 1000.

    I want to get into reloading but currently I cant make time for it.
    SGrid Vintage of 2003

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    I went there yesterday, armed with both a Colt 1911 and a Canon S95. Here's the results from the Canon:

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    As requested, I changed the background music, and also added a few more scenes. Last year the people at the shop gave me permission to take photos of the store using a wide angle lens - those are now included in the video. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same as before...

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    Stone Hart's Gun Club & Indoor Range

    Coming Soon:

    Stone Hart's Gun Club and Indoor Range will be a 16 lane INDOOR facility for everyone to enjoy a shooting experience like no other in South Florida. When designing what will be the best gun range in Miami, we selected the latest in shooter protection, target retrieval systems and a state-of-the-art ventilation system that exceeds OSHA and NIOSH recommendations.

    Stone Hart's Gun Club and Indoor Range will also have a spacious showroom that will showcase the latest firearms, ammo and gun accessories. We will also be conducting safety training courses, concealed weapon courses, tactical training courses, among others.

    We will be updating the website as we get closer to our GRAND OPENING, so check back periodically for more information. We also want to thank everyone for their support, we could have not done it without it!

    Sign up for the newsletter today and stay up to date on our progress and our GRAND OPENING. We will also be offering special deals to our newsletter members!!!.

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