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Thread: ECM pictures

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    Todd Holloway 036

    ECM pictures

    Lets show off those modifieds!

    Let's post pics of your east cost mods. There is lots of interest in this class. With the rule package now in place things are moving forward. Noel Templeton has now completed a body for Wcm and is willing to help with some other chassis as well to help us keep this class as close as equal as we can be. Noel has 12 hrs in the Wcm body but it is almost identical to my TNT body. Only thing for him to finish is the nose. Noel realizes that some of his work will be copied but he just wants to keep its integrity of what ecm look like. I commend him on his willingness to help us all. If you have another manufactured car give him a call. Wcm pictures posted below. Thanks Todd
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    Todd Holloway 036
    WCM ECM PicturesName:  IMG_1258.jpg
Views: 812
Size:  123.5 KBName:  IMG951256.jpg
Views: 851
Size:  107.5 KBName:  IMG951257.jpg
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    Todd Holloway 036

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    Todd Holloway 036

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    Todd Holloway 036
    Name:  keiths mod 01.jpg
Views: 1728
Size:  187.5 KBName:  keiths mod 02.jpg
Views: 642
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    Keith Barnes Lighting Chassis

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    Dave Dygon #821
    Can't wait to get mine...

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    Todd Holloway 036

    Orrin asked me to post this for him. Its his homemade body and car that he made..
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    Todd Holloway 036
    Here is a picture of Noal Templeton's ECM...Looks great. Nice work JR HartleyName:  noal templeton.png
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