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Thread: ECM Rule Clarifications.

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    Todd Holloway 036

    ECM Rule Clarifications.

    Due to the ECM being a new class unforeseen issues are bound to pop up. Better these happen now in Feb. instead of April. With that being said we had to make a few minor tweaks to help keep the playing field has fair as possible for all the racers. Please be sure to check out the clarifications of the spoiler and windshield rules along with the front nose width. Wanted to post this so someone didn't miss it. As always thank you for your support.
    This class is shaping up nicely, with lots of interest. Thanks Todd

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    Todd Holloway 036
    The 67 sq. in rule was a typo on my part, should read 61

    Things in red are the clarifications!!!!

    East Coast Modified (ECM) (12.13.13)
    • Overall length 44.0 - 49.0 inches
    • Wheelbase 25.0 – 27.0 inches
    • Overall width* 17.5 – 19.5 inches
    • Track Width** 16.5 – 19.25 inches
    • Weight*** 28 pounds - minimum

    * Overall width is measured at the outside of Nerf Bars
    ** Track width is defined as "outside of tires". Track width differential front to rear may not exceed 1.50 inches at any time.
    *** Before and after race
    Unless otherwise listed below, all other specifications from the Grand National and General Specifications apply.
    East Coast Modified (ECM)————————————————–
    1. Cars must resemble an ECM. (No front fenders. No chopped down Stock Car bodies. No front wings, top wings, side dams or roof rails)
    2. Independent front suspension only. (No straight axles)
    3. Rear straight axle or independent suspension allowed.
    4. Tube style front bumper, diameter not to be greater than the frame rails or extend past to front frame width by more than one (1) inch on either side. The front tube bumper may not extend more than three (3) inches past the front of the main frame rail.
    5. Foam rear bumper (saves from tearing up front tires on tube rear bumpers) not to extend outside the width of the rear wheels by more than inch. Maximum rear bumper foam thickness is two(2) inches, minimum is one and one-half (1-1/2) inches.
    6. Tube style Nerf Bars, diameter not to exceed the main frame rails. Nerf Bars may not extend past the outside of the wheels more than inch.
    7. The ECM Class is a 10.5 class. 10.5 QSAC Blue plate with approved manifold blocks or the QSAC blue 10.5 intake. Velocity stacks are allowed.
    8. Tires. QSAC Stock Car General Rules
    9. Fuel system. QSAC General Rules
    10. Minimum Weight. 28lbs with no fuel.
    11. Body Height. Ten (10) inches minimum.
    12. Exhaust systems may be mounted outside the car's frame but within the length, width and height of the car.
    13. Minimum right rear tire circumference of 17.00 inches before and after race.
    14. Engine must conform to the stock car and general specifications.
    15. Zenoah G-23RC / G230RC (version A, B & C) must use the stock Zenoah OEM Muffler.
    16. Use the same carburetor and mandatory restrictor / adaptor
    plates as the Grand National technical specifications. (12.13.13)

    These are the MAXIMUM square inches (width x length) for these four body panels.

    Body Measurements:
    To accommodate all chassis’, the body can be altered but must stay within the square inch rule on the four main body panels.
    Maximum roof deck is 156 total square inches.
    Maximum rear deck is 87 square inches
    Maximum spoiler height 3” tall (measured from deck) , but cannot exceed 36 square inches. Width NOT to exceed outside of body

    Windshield Square inches/ opening:

    Windshield cannot exceed 61 square inches of Lexan surface painted or not. Anything over 61 must be cut out on right side only., left side MUST BE CLOSED. This means wider body will have a larger cut out. Two side windows on doors must be open.

    Center of front wheels to the base of the front windshield 8” (+/- ”).
    Body angles:
    Front Nose -- 40 degrees (+/- 5 degrees) Front nose panel must not exceed width of front frame rails by more than a ”
    Windshield – 25 Degrees (+/- 5 degrees)
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    Todd Holloway 036
    Please read above post. I had a typo on the windshield. Shoud be 61 Sorry for the mistake.

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