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Thread: QSAC LIVE! Special announcement.

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    Todd Holloway 036

    QSAC LIVE! Special announcement.

    OK quarter Scale racers, it’s almost time for the first NCS race of 2014. I for one can’t wait just for some warm weather, not to mention racing. Well 2014 is going to start off with a bang and we think everyone is going to love this. Starting at LPR in two weeks it will be the debut of what we are calling QSAC LIVE! Live, as in live streaming at our races! That’s right, QSAC has purchased a very nice HD video streaming camera along with a brand new web site just for live racing. People that have never seen a scale R/C car or that racer that has not had a chance to make an NCS race will now have that chance. We think this will be a great way to introduce our brand of racing to people all across the country. This will be set up on Fridays and Saturdays. The mains will remain on the web site until the next live event for the racers that are competing. You can go home and see where you made your day or ended your day. With anything new there will be some bumps in the road, and we will learn as we get more informed about this new and exciting form of advertising and entertainment. So please bear with us as we all learn together and get things perfected. This all started at the end of last year when fellow racer Jim Wolfe came to us with an idea that he wanted to try at MPR. He explained how he thought this would work and how it could promote our sport that we all love. The original idea was Jim was going to have this as a fixed camera at MPR. Jim was going to purchase this out of his own pocket to make it all happen. After several phone calls and brainstorming we came up with an idea to make this a portable camera and something that we could use at all NCS races and even other large QSAC races. QSAC purchased the equipment and web site support and then a way we went. Jim as well as Mike and I have been working with the hosting company and developers. They are getting very close.
    The web site will be a separate site from our QSAC.ORG site. Both will have links to one another, as well as links to all of our sponsors, manufactures and suppliers and to other scale related companies. If you see that we left someone out or you want to be a part of it, please let us know. What you see the first race probably will not be what you see at the next race. We will continue to try and improve and put things where they need to go. Please be sure to let us know if you see something that we can improve on or something you might want to see.
    The web site address will be
    We should have the site up and running in the next week or so and LIVE racing at NCS race #1…
    Thanks Jim for all of your work and a great idea!
    Sincerely your co-chairs,
    Todd Holloway and Mike Sadler

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    J.R. Parsley #1217
    Awesome to everybody involved! A great promotional tool for every club in QSAC! It is a very proud time to be a QSAC member, way to go guys!

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