Joel Hughes, the owner and manufacture of Predator Race Cars has agreed to give away a Predator sprint car at the Final Showdown at SPEED WEEK in Algona Iowa this year. As many of you may know the Predator sprint car has won 6 straight national titles in the past 6 years. Here is your chance to own and drive one at little to NO cost. Here is how you can get your name in the drawing for this awesome sprint car.

If you attend an NCS race this year your name will be entered automatically at NO CHARGE. Your name will be entered as many times as you attend an NCS race automatically at NO CHARGE!! Now not to leave anyone else out in this great opportunity to own and drive one of the best sprint cars ever built.

If you don't attend an NCS race this year you may buy a Raffle ticket to get your name in on the drawing for this car. You may buy a MAXIMUM of 1 ticket for this drawing at a cost of 50 dollars.

If you only attend 1 NCS race and would like to purchase more chances at winning this car you may do so. Up to a maximum of 6 total entry's. If you attend an NCS race it costs you NOTHING!! You are automatically entered!! You must be a QSAC member at the time of this drawing to be eligible to win.

In other words for every QSAC NCS Race you attend you get 1 free entry to the drawing. If you attend 3 QSAC NCS races and you wish to have 6 entries in the drawing, just purchase 3 additional tickets at $50 each.

The deadline for mailing in your money for this will be August 1st. You can purchase tickets in person up to August 29th at Speed Week!!

Mail your checks payable to Mike Sadler

Mail to:
Mike Sadler
2511 Via Avenida
Carrollton Texas 75006

All proceeds will go to Joel Hughes, if you are lucky enough to win this car at Speed Week and not in attendece at the time of the drawing. QSAC will pay the shipping charges for your world class Predator Sprint Car!!!!