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Thread: G.L.Q.S.R. for 2015

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    Orrin Sunde

    G.L.Q.S.R. for 2015

    The GLQSR is getting things lined up 2015. We will be keeping the entry fee at $15.00. We are going to try running shorter multi Mains with points for each Main. The schedule will come out after The Tri State Series sets their dates. We hope that Santa brought you many Race Car Parts. Winter will over sooner than you think, better start working on your cars. Thanks for you support at the track and on this forum.

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    Orrin Sunde
    GLQSR's Race Dates Schedule for 2015
    April 18 Test & Tune
    May 2 Points # 1
    June 6 Points # 2
    June 27 Points # 3
    July 11 Points # 4
    July 25 Points # 5
    Aug. 8 Points # 6
    Aug. 22 Points # 7
    Aug. 29 Points # 8
    Sept. 12 Tri State
    Sept. 26 Points # 9
    Oct. 3 Points # 10
    Oct. 17 Banquet
    With 2 drops for the Season

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    Orrin Sunde
    Hello fellow Racers. The weather is finally getting warmer and if you look at the calendar it’s only 5 weeks to Test and Tune in Lansing. If you haven’t dug out your race car, it’s time to. Dust them off, lube them up, order new parts, get those Hot Rods out and ready to go.
    Test and Tune
    April 18, 2015
    9 AM to 4 PM
    Cost - $10.00
    You will need to drive only on the asphalt as the ground will be too soft to drive on.
    I will have QSAC Membership forms - $30.00. You MUST be a QSAC member to put your car on the track because of the insurance deal. GLQSR Membership forms - $20.00, which includes one free race.
    Club Cars For Sale
    We have 3 Club Cars for sale for New Racers that will racing at Lansing this year.
    1 WCM Cage Car $600.00. This car has almost everything you need to get started.
    1 WCM Straight Rail Car $500.00. This is John Kissels Car and has most everything to start. You need to get a few things.
    1 Homemade WCM copy $400.00 This is Orrin Sundes Car. About the only thing needed is a Radio and Receiver.
    All of these cars are great buys to get started racing in Lansing.
    Need ideas for multi Mains
    We would really like to hear from you about doing Multi Mains this year. Let us know what you think.

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