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Thread: 2011 Fuel On Road Nationals

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    2011 Fuel On Road Nationals

    The ROAR 2011 Fuel On-Road Nationals will be held at the "Control Freakz" track in Connecticut.

    Race Information:
    Dates: September 22 September 25, 2011
    Location: 238 Willimantic Rd., Chaplin, CT 06235 USA
    Contact: Jessica Ives
    Phone: 860 455 1233

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    Racer Z


    Looking forward to this one.

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    Mike I got your message on rctech. I will keep you posted and try and give you a report on the nats. Wish you could make it!

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    Thanks Pooh! I would love to be going, but there's this minor problem of how do you be in two places at once? Maybe I'll see you at the GLC and we can talk about it? As to the reports, feel free to send them to me as email and I'll do the rest, or just come here and post away if you have time.

    If you take some good high-res photos, don't worry about them being too big here - the text automatically formats itself for a normal screen size, and the images are automatically resized to 800 pixels wide for the basic display. (At the bottom left of the screen, you'll find a "style" selector - you can set this to "photography" and see all the images at up to 1200 pixels wide.)

    Which car are you racing nowadays? How do you like it?

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    This is one I hope to attend. I went down to Chaplin in July on a rare day off hoping to attend one of the big events only to have it rained out. Want to support this track as best I can. Would love to see this this category of r/c get hot. Not enough tracks around. I understand the logistics, just voicing my wishes. Robert from Ashford Hobbies told me once they raced here in Salisbury, Ma. at one time. Too bad I missed that.

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    Well, the time for the Nats is almost upon us.....I can't wait.....I'm excited and ready ! jejejejeje

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    Art Carbonell headed off to the race today - he'll be working with Joaquin DeSoto.

    I'll see if I can get any updates here - if any of you have news or photos to post, please do so.

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    I won't be there until girlfriend's baby shower is tomorrow.......:-)

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    Phil may start sending me videos tomorrow - if so, I'll post them as soon as they arrive.

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    It's 5:00 am and the weather is looking very good. Unfortunately, I have not been able to sleep since I woke up at 3:00 am....Although we have been getting a lot of rain this week, I think we're going to be able to complete the race program for the most part. Yesterday the track was wet in the morning hours, but thanks to the great efforts of Kenny and his crew, we were able to practice a little bit and continue with qualifiers and the lower mains in the afternoon. Hopefully today we won't get any rain and be able to run the rest of the mains. I'd like to give my thanks in advance to Richie Siriano (Brooklyn Hobbies) for helping me in the pits, Desoto Racing for their help and support, and Kenny Ives and his crew for providing us with such a great facility in which to race.
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