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Thread: 2011 Fuel On Road Nationals

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    Thanks for the update!

    Between raindrops, the qualifying seems to have worked out as follows:

    1/8th Scale:
    Desoto JR

    1/10th Scale:

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    From Serpent-Dan:
    "From what I'm hearing Paolo backed up the Tq with a win in 1/8 and DJ got it in sedan!!!"

    (It's interesting that it's now 8pm, and there is nothing posted about the results anyplace I have looked around the internet. Are people still interested in on-road fuel r/c?)

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    Race Results, 2011 ROAR On-Road Fuel Nationals

    Thanks to Doug McNeely:

    Here is a link to the 1/8 Final

    Here is a link to the 1/8 Masters Final.

    Here is a link to the 1/10 Sedan Final

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