How the SGRID Shooting Forum got started, back in 1999:

Ken Campbell on Tue Feb 2 14:27:22 1999:
For the past 3 years or so I have been involved ( .. ok ok OBSESSED ) with competition rifle shooting... I humbly ( humbleness has always been my one true flaw...) report that using some equipment that I developed my shooting buddy has managed to set a new world record in '97 and in fact won the World Champs in '97/98.

However, one problem... there are no Bob Urbans in rifle shooting... much too straight a gang!! The war stories are rather dry; I have witnessed not ONE fist fight! I haven't seen anyone throw their race gun 50 feet... the closest thing to r/c car-type fun is that there have been a couple divorces over the cost of shooting (g)...
.... and of course, not ONE 24 hour shooting enduro...
Regards, Ken.

Leonard A. Ledoux on Tue Feb 2 18:20:25 1999:
My brother is a competition pistol shooter. He developed a really fast draw holster that was popular around Phoenix, Az. I went to a "meet" with him and it was interesting, all timed and such. He pointed out that after a person shoots the first six targets, watch how many run to the other side for the next five targets and try reloading while they run. Sure enough a few tried and spilled their bullets all over the ground. Still it was pretty dry. The good guys rarely miss, and the event that separated my brother from the other top guy was he had a dud loaded that the cap fired and left the round in the barrel. Jerry smiled and picked up the appropriate tool to go help the loser unjam his firearm. But nobody throws these things, nobody discusses your family heritage, level of intelligence. There were no discussions involving the all American bird. And unlike racing, you can't aim one of these things at the other guy and just take him out! No fun at all. So I bought a pool table. Then I saw gas cars a couple years later ('85) and still don't own a gun. My ex-wife got the pool table.

Ron Paris on Wed Feb 3 01:55:44 1999:
Hey guys were gonna have to start a Race gun conference! I been doing some gun smithing for the last 6 years and have some trick guns! I was shooting a lot of Falling plate and Pin match's but had to give it up four years ago because of my knees [just as I made master class] sure was fun building up trick guns, Gene Husting got into it with me he would shoot one match a month with me at one club. I was nuts - I shot 4 to 8 match's a month and would practice at least 1,000 rounds a week! Can you say re-loading :-)

Doug Wilson on Wed Feb 3 12:38:15 1999:
I'm just hoping that Ken doesn't decide to combine the two hobbies at an HOA event! I can just see him picking off cars as they shift on the back stretch!

My parents shoot metal silhouette. They have been to the internationals for the last 3 or 4 years, and as far as anyone can tell, were the first North Americans to compete in Brazil when they visited some friends from the Internationals last winter.

It's always fun to go out to their place and fire some rounds on Dad's "private range". He maintains an area of the pasture with the correct shapes at the correct distances and a berm to keep me from getting the neighbors' cattle!

Racing and shooting complement each other in eye-hand coordination. I couldn't hit much of anything until I got better at racing. Now Dad keeps trying to get me into competition. Just not enough time or $$ for ANOTHER hobby...

Leonard A. Ledoux on Wed Feb 3 16:36:32 1999:
When I lived in Wichita, Ks some years ago I went out with some of the locals on various gun related forays. The one I thought particularly interesting was prairie dog shooting. Now these are not very large game, rather small rats by big city standards, but the point for these folks was to never shoot one at less that 300 yards! Interesting. Another "hobby" on the plains is coyote. I got a first hand introduction to that when another tool and die maker invited me out to his place. He had this Dodge pickup, that looked really beat to hell. I went over and lifted the hood to see what was in it, hey, I've seen AA Fuelers that could use this motor! He loads up his guns and his greyhounds and off we go, when sited, he cuts the dogs loose and away we go across the prairie after the dogs, pedal to the metal.

I do like the idea of a Ron-Ken Scoring system which records "kills" and assigns a level of difficulty. Lower scores for slow corners, higher scores for mid-straight shots. What would we give for prizes?

Leonard A. Ledoux on Tue Feb 9 18:58:21 1999:
I went 40 years without owning a gun. I was working in Fort Worth at Generous Dynamics in '90 and bought a S&W .357 model 66, re-loading equipment, and a card for the shooters palace. I was working 2nd shift and so had time during the day to go blast targets at the range. I got to where I could pick the flies off your nose. Then a tornado ripped through my place, and the first thing I did was go look for the gun. It took about 10 seconds for that to register, I sold the gun within a few days.

There is a difference between irate attitude and the jovial pursuits of old racers who are bored. Think of Ken & Ron sitting in the pits, tossing back a couple of cold brews, blasting R/C cars. Kind of like going out into the Arizona desert and blasting bunnies!

Michael Myers on Tue Feb 16 06:07:12 1999:
Guess what? BANG! --------->(shooting forum created)