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Thread: The Pavement Racing Forum

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    The Pavement Racing Forum

    We decided that it would be a good idea to create a separate forum here for on-road and oval cars that primarily get raced on pavement. The 'nitro' forum here is mostly about off-road racing, and has been renamed that way. This way the "pavement" threads don't get lost in a sea of the (much more popular) off-road topics.

    For now, the Pavement Forum is about any and every type of R/C car racing that's done on a non-dirt surface. This would include 1/4 scale gas cars that get raced on oval tracks, on-road cars of all scales, drag racing cars, and so on. As the Forum header says, "Anything raced on a non-dirt surface, including nitro, gas, and electric, both oval and road course, including 1/12, 1/10, 1/8, 1/5, and 1/4 scale cars." Eventually there will be sub-forums here, as the activity gets to the point where we need to do this. If a section of this forum gets very busy, we'll try to create a separate home for those threads.

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    Starting Grid has been around since 1989, and during that time we've accumulated a ton of old photos and other material about R/C racing "way back when". It got posted in various places around the system, first in the printed magazine, then in the original website, then in the Backtalk forums, then SGrid Online, and so on. Now that we're up and running on vBulletin, I set up a single place to post all that information.

    If you go to the history forum, ( you'll find a collection of articles on "how it all began". More write-ups, photos, stories, and whatever else we can gather on the history of R/C are welcomed. At some point, all the photos and other material will get donated to an R/C Museum that Steve Pond hopes to start up some day.

    I spent a good part of today organizing the old photos - they are now split up and posted into separate threads in the History Forum,

    I'd love to have captions for as many of the photos as possible - if you know any of the cars or people, or know someone who would know, please post a reply saying who's who. I wasn't around back then - we very much need some help from the people who were around. If you can pass on this message to people who can help here, it would be very much appreciated.

    • Most of what's posted is all nitro related, as that's what cars ran on back then, until electric r/c cars were invented.
    • Everything you see in those photos is on-road related, as there wasn't any off-road yet.

    Doug McNeely (left) and Art Carbonell
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    New DRITING and LARGE SCALE forums created

    Two new forums were created, one for "Drifting", and one for "Large Scale". The drift car threads were moved to the new Drifting forum, and the Quarter Scale and Fifth Scale threads were moved to the Large Scale forum. If I missed anything, someone please let me know, and I'll take care of it.

    Hopefully this will allow people to find relevant information more quickly.

    (The vBulletin software provides a way to leave a "marker" where the thread used to be; if we were much larger, I would do that, but I think that we're still small enough that people will quickly notice what was done.)

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    Yes I think itís a great idea to create new forums for drifting and for large scale, giving people a more efficient way to search.

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