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Thread: Hong Kong - The different RC Car Market

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    Hong Kong - The different RC Car Market

    Drift Competition - that's a interesting topic,
    I will put in some of my pinion.
    I just came back Shanghai. Met with Rick Wang (JJ Wang's father).
    A interesting trip - I wrote a report on the R/C market in Hong Kong:

    Hong Kong - The different RC Car Market:
    Customers only like kits (because they think RTR do not have the best parts in it, so they never buy RTR)

    On road is about 80% of the RC car market (because they can't deal with dirt)

    There are 3 group of customers, (racers, scale/real, for fun)

    (Racers) have to buy the best of everything, might change chassis every weeks

    (Scale/real) have many different class like F1, FF, Drift..... combine both race/Fun

    (For Fun) For On road, they have chassis with the cheapest way to go fast around a track for example "non sensor hobbywing speedo with foam tire in a touring car". For off road, Traxxas & OFNA all day long. The Market of (For Fun) is growing big, and this is how some of the hobby shop is looking for in the future. Very similar to the US RTR market.


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    The prices there are waaaay cheaper than US prices!
    f/8 and be there!

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