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Thread: Gun Safes

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    Gun Safes

    (The following responses were moved to this new thread from the "Welcome Gun Guys" thread.)

    Lots of places recommend getting a gun safe as a secure place to keep your firearms. It seems to me that this is just inviting rust problems from humidity.

    One possible solution I think might be to buy silica gel and leave it in the gun safe.

    What do you guys think of the Remington Mini-dehumidifier Model 365?

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    As a follow-up question to my previous post, do any of you have recommendations on a gun safe for handguns? Is there any difference between a gun safe and an ordinary steel safe such as this: ?
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    Hey, glad to see you here!!! Sure, post away, and tell your friends!!

    I ended up looking all over for advice on gun safes, and almost everything I found was one company telling us why their product was best. I finally found an article that seems factual and somewhat unbiased, and the information I've read in it all makes sense to me.

    After searching all over, this is the single best article I've found on safes. The website seems pretty good as well!

    Of course, if money is no object:

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    A fascinating gun-safe video from Browning - download, then play:

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    Bob Malphurs
    The safe really depends on what you put in it, if just handguns the safe in your post #17 would work fine. If long guns are going in it of course you need a taller safe. Thing with most commercially available "gun safes" is they aren't really safes in the true sense of the word, more like gun lockers! Made with 12 gauge steel (1/8th inch) and sheetrock as fire insulator. These are better than nothing of course, I have one myself! It was all I could afford at the time. I do have plans to "beef" it up one day. I'm a retired sheet metal worker and welder so I have the skills to do it just not the money! lol

    Safes like the Browning in that vid are good if you get their higher end ones. But again they use sheetrock for a fire insulator. One thing these companies brag on is how "heavy" the safe is. Fact is more than a third to half of the weight is the fireboard (sheetrock)! Another thing is the locking bolts aren't supported well. They are attached to a thin angle bar that can twist when the safe is being pried. The better safes have supported locking bolts. These are much longer and supported across two strips of steel to prevent twisting. Here's a vid of two guys prying open a safe.... WATCH ME

    I've done a lot of research on gun safes; one that I like above most is from Sturdy Safe Co.. Their standard safe uses 7 gauge (3/16th) US steel with a 14 gauge inner liner. The fire liner is 2300 degree ceramic fiber and 1000 degree fiberglass between the outer and inner steel, much lighter and twice as effective as sheetrock. Their safes weight is 90% steel and the locking bolts are supported. They may not be as pretty as the Browning but twice as secure and fire protected! Check out their site, they have some kool videos to watch!

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    Bob Malphurs
    One thing to mention.....while I think the Sturdy safe is one of my top choices, it's based on price and weight. There's safes costing thousands and weighing thousands more! The Sturdy I priced was a 32wx24dx60h - 850#s - $2200 delivered.

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    Thank you Bob!! I feel like a ping pong ball about this. I'm thinking about buying one, but I don't need anything fancy or large. I thought I knew a reasonable amount, but just about all of it turned out to be wrong.

    That "Sturdy Safe" does seem to be pretty good, but what make this safe better than the bargain safes available at discount stores?

    Also, what do you think of this company:

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    Bob Malphurs
    Really just going by what the specs say for the different safes. Common sense tells me the thicker the steel the better the security. Much better insulation, read up on ceramic wool insulation and then gypsum as insulation and compare. Inner 14 gauge liner is almost as thick as the bargin basements outer skin.

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    I got a Cannon from Tractor Supply Store on a black Friday sale. Saved like 300 on it. Its not the best, but works for me. It weighs about 800 lb and claim to hold 36 guns. Its acutually pretty nice and company support is good. I needed special metal clips used to support the shelving and Cannon mailed it to me asap, no questions asked.

    I didn't need this large of one, but sure glad I got it. This allows plenty of room to grow and for valuables or important documents.

    If you are looking for a budget safe like I have, check out Tractor Supply Store, Walmart, Dicks, Lowes, Cosco, Sam's...

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    Chuck, do any of the specialized gun forums you go to have a comparison of the different gun safes that are available?

    I wasn't going to get anything that would hold rifles, but a safe that large can hold lots of things, should I ever want to do so. My apartment isn't that large, so I really can't use one of the huge gun safes, but the one I listed up above would probably work fine. Most of the articles I read suggest buying a safe that is bigger than whatever you think you will need, because you'll be thankful later on that you did so. I've got zero desire to get a "budget safe". On the other hand, I don't want to spend anything extra on custom finishes, or color, or other non-essentials.

    One sticking point for me, is electronic locks. As I see it, they are nothing but potential trouble.

    Chuck, I took your advice and checked out the Tractor Supply Store listings:

    The prices seem quite reasonable.

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    I've never came across side by side comparison of different safes. Usually what you find on forums are threads that people recommend this safe and that safe and I have this safe because it has this and that and it goes on...

    I'd say find some local stores near you and check them out. Find one that you like and fits your needs. The tip to buy larger than needed is very true.

    As for electronic locks, I have one on mine and like it. Its powered by a 9 volt and can be easily replaced. I'm sure trouble can arise at any time...and will deal accordingly. Nothing a set of torches or plasma cutter can't handle,lol.

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