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Thread: Gun Safes

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    Bob Malphurs
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Thanks Bob! I had no idea of any of that. (I assumed someone had to go inside the lock from the back side and do a lot more work - it's a lot easier than I expected!). Yes, I will make sure they don't forget the "key".

    Is this how all combination locks are done, or do they each have different methods?
    I think all the brands of this type of lock can be changed in the same fashion. They also share the same "footprint" or design, so if you want to swap what you have for a better or different brand you can. Gun safes in the price range of yours and mine are usually UL listed Group 2 locks.

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    Is this the one?

    It looks very functional - separate storage areas mean you can have lots of shelf space plus the room for rifles. It's probably more useable than a safe, with a lot less weight. If you don't need it for break-in protection, but more so just a place to keep your shooting supplies in an organized manner, it looks like an excellent choice.

    Bob, regarding your question about changing the lock combination - the guys at the store tell me the combination is something they have to set for me - that it's not "user settable". I'll be checking more about it on the internet later today.

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    Bob Malphurs
    Probably one those cases where they recommend it done by a locksmith.

    I think Cannon uses S&G locks. If so and it's mechanical good chance it's the model 6730 or 6741. Here's a link to look at.

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    Thanks, Bob. I called and asked, and was told it is a "Le Gard", but now I've found out that there are two separate parts of the lock, the "dial" and the "lock". I'm pretty sure that this is my dial:
    I need to call back tomorrow and ask one of the tech people about which lock is behind the fancy dial. Since the safe was designed and built for gun shows, it has a built in key lock in the middle of the dial (but that's not to be used for locking the safe securely).

    Now that you've mentioned it, I do think I was told the lock is from "S&G". If that is the case, will I be able to set my own combinations? On the 'pdf' about the lock, it just says "refer to the operating and changing instructions for the model of lock you have installed."

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    Bob Malphurs
    Mike.....I assume you got the gun safe. How did it work out for you?

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    Bob, it worked out great. The safe seems very substantial, both inside and out. I got to look at the locking mechanism, and was very impressed. Since then, I've got to look inside another safe, and by comparison it looked like it was made by a toy company.

    I didn't get the custom gun interior made for rifles; instead I got it with the standard shelves that had been provided for this model.

    They did program it for my desired combination, but wouldn't give me the tools so I could do it myself. That's OK; it wasn't that big a deal.

    I bought one of the dehumidifiers for the safe, the kind that you plug into an AC outlet to dry it out for the next use.

    All in all, I'm very satisfied. The hardest part was moving everything around in my apartment to allow me to bring in the safe, and to get it where I want it. With only one guy coming from the shop to deliver the safe, that took quite a bit of doing.

    Thanks for your help and advice - entering this thread here was the best thing I could have done!!!

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    Just moved my safe from my parents house to the basement of my house on New Years Day. 585 pounds. The move went better than expected. No damage to the safe nor the house. The steps going to the basement even held out, lol.Name:  1325570151-picsay.jpg
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    Almost 600 pounds... wow! How many of you did it take to move it? For that matter, how did you move it? Did you get a truck with a lift gate? I know how much trouble I had doing this with one delivery person, and your safe is considerably larger.
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    Hauled it on my 6'x12' landscape trailer. Rented a refrigerator Dolly from U-Haul and 4 guys helped. 2 at the bottom and 2 holding the dolly back.

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