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Thread: Tire truing

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    Tire truing

    Hello to everyone.. I am a real novice at on road racing but really want to learn. I have a Serpent 950 with a Sirio engine. I know nothing about tire truing. How does one go about it and to what degree do you shave the tires? Thanks for any answers..

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    Hi there - do you want the quick answer, or a long, detailed explanation?

    ....a few basics. All on-road cars like yours will work at their "best" with a certain tire diameter. You'll get the optimum handling if you use a tire truer to cut down your front and rear tires to the given sizes.

    (On the other hand, this means grinding off all that perfectly useable rubber, using the tires one or two times, then throwing them away. If you're trying to win the A-Main, that's necessary. If you're in the middle of the C, there's no reason not to start with tires that are quite large, and wear them down most of the way before discarding them. Of course, you'll need to adjust the suspension geometry accordingly, so the car isn't a mile over the track, or rubbing on the track.)

    The second key thing to remember is that the front tires are smaller in diameter than the rear tires. For the most part, you want the front tires "pulling" just as hard as the rear tires are "pushing". To accomplish this, you need to know the pulley ratios of the various pulleys in the drive system, and a few other things. There is a mathematical formula that you can follow to calculate the tire diameter at one end of the car, once you know what tire diameter you're running at the other end of the car. In other words, if you use an "X" inch diameter rear tire, the formula will tell you exactly what size to use for the front end.

    Which tire truer you buy and use is mostly a matter of cost vs. convenience. If you have lots of time, a basic tire truer is ALL you need. If you have lots of money and want things done automatically, you can spend a lot more $$$ for something that does all the work for you.

    By the way, before starting to true your tires, ask around and ask people what tire hardness they use for front and for rear tires at the track you plan to compete at.

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    Thanks for the reply Mike. This was one aspect of racing that I was confused by. Seeing people scrub so much rubber off their tires semmed pretty drastic. Makes a little more sense to me. But still makes me cringe thinking of doing it when these tires cost as much as they do. Maybe if I get more competitive I'll give it a try.

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    also there are a few hobby shops that cary cheaper tires that will fit i have used them for practice alot and go to the dollar store get some grape pop and spray it on a parking lot this will give you traction after it dries , using a cheaper tire you will loose tracktion i found some tires for under half of the serpent or mugen ones

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    If you want, I've got a much longer and more detailed write-up I can post here. Let me know.

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    Ironoutlaw thanks for your input. I will look to my LHS as well as ebay to get cheaper tires..I did buy an Integy tire truer. And Mie that would be great if you could post that information. would like to read more on truing tires. Thaks for all the work you do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigershark11 View Post
    And Mike that would be great if you could post that information. would like to read more on truing tires. Thanks for all the work you do...
    Done - see

    It's mostly about 1/8 scale 4WD, but a lot of it applies to 1/10the scale as well.

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    Mike, thanks for the post. I appreciate the work..

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    Most fresh glued tires come with a diameter of 77~79mm on the rear tire. Most people true them to 75~76mm, it is not much mut it is noticeable, not only in diameter but also the condition of the rubber. More important is the size of the front tire, that must be 6 to 7 mm smaller than the rear but some brands have them bigger.

    I run GRP tires, they do come 79mm in size, I just click them on my car and run them, for sure if I am doing some training laps of have to start a final of 30 minutes. The 1st laps kan be a little bit difficult (not that much) because the outside of the tire has dryed up and is not set to the camber. It will straighten up and you can drive to the limit. After 2 tanks training the tyres are shaped for a heat.....

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