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Thread: THS pipes for on road..

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    THS pipes for on road..

    Asked this over in the off road forum so I thought I'd find out for on road also. Thoughts on THS pipes for on road. Really curious because I don't hear of anyone using hem, which I quess would tell me alot. But why not then.They seem like well made pipes..Anyone's thoughts would be appreciated..

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    THS8010-1/8 Circuit Tuned Exhaust System

    If you're talking on-road, you possibly mean this one:

    THS8010-1/8 Circuit Tuned Exhaust System
    SKU Number: THS8010
    In House Number: N/A

    THS8010- 1/8 Circuit Tuned Exhaust System

    Specifically tuned for application to get the most performance out of your engine over the entire power band, yet at an affordable price.

    The system includes: tuned pipe, manifold, seal, 3 fastening springs, manifold spring, and mounting rod.

    I'm not sure what kind of answer you're looking for. There are too many "what if's". If you're trying to win the A-Main at next week's Great Lakes Challenge, that's one thing. If you're likely to be in the C or D Main, it's a whole different thing. Ron Paris talked a lot about that kind of thing ages ago - if you find an engine setup that is smooth, and easy to drive, that will make a far better performance increase than getting a pipe that doubled your power.... Unless you're in the A-Main, the last thing you need is "more power", and even for those guys, there are many things that are more important. As to the pipe, it (and your engine) needs to work with your driving style - what might be "perfect" for the guy who walks off with the big trophy might be a terrible choice for others.

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    I quess I asked the wrong question. I was just trying to get a little discussion going as I have never talked with anyone else who has used these pipes. I do run a couple and wanted to know what other peope thought. I love the pipes I have and will continue to use them.

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    Looks like a TeamMagic pipe I once had, it worked awesome on the JP R01 2003 team engine.

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