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Thread: Racer Gallery - 2011 Great Lakes Challenge

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    When nobody comments on a gallery such as this one, it's like not putting oil onto a machine. It will slow down, and eventually stop.

    I had a feeling lots of people would gobble up their photos, and use them on social networks (which is fine), but I sort of expected them to say something here as well.
    Maybe they're not even aware the photos got posted here, despite it being announced so many times during the race.
    Or, maybe all the photos got copied to the club's website or something, and that's where people are talking, and I'm not aware of where it is...
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    I can't explain why racers don't frequent the boards. On RCTech, it's the same guys posting. And only a few of those were at the GLC. Where is everybody??? With the new season upon us, I'll be interested in turnout numbers at the different MWS tracks.

    I know everybody appreciates your mad skills with a camera, the editting, and posting. I've still got one of my favorite pics that you shot for an avatar. ( Cincy, Joyce Pk) circa '08, I believe.

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    Nick, at last year's GLC at the request of Ted Hammer and the Toledo club, I posted every day, both here and on RCTech. I don't remember if I put anything much on facebook - maybe that was the year before?? Anyway, nobody said anything in either forum until the race was over, when the racers returned and posted. Whereas before we had oodles of pages of speculation, comments, questions, rooting, and whatever, it was all gone. I know people read the stuff that I posted, but nobody said anything.

    I had a long talk with a friend of mine who used to be very involved in RC Tech. His words were that it had died. Not literally, but compared to past years, it seemed to be a small shadow of what had been there before.

    Look at the Radio Control Car Action forums - what used to be the center of activity for so many people is also a shadow of its former self. Stephen Bess is trying to get it going again, but it's nothing like it used to be.

    So, where did everyone go? I think the people who just want to talk, with nothing much to say, are all hanging out on facebook telling others what they had for lunch or what color their shirt is. I guess we had a lot of that here before as well, but we also had (and still have) a lot of useful information.

    Anyway, thanks for the compliment. I have lots of fun with photography, but I have just as much fun trying to get nice action or detail photos as I do trying to shoot all the racers. I like to take semi-candid photos of the racers at work, not posing for the camera. I have no idea if I'll do that again this year.

    Also, I used to take and post up to 60 or 100 photos for one day - that's probably way too many. I think I will try to get perhaps 10 or 20 good shots for each day.

    ....Maybe I can create a thread for photos of any cars with an SGrid decal? :-)
    Have Camera, Will Travel

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