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Thread: Great Lakes Challenge on-road Nitro Race, 2011

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    New Forum for One Eighth Racers of Toledo Ohio

    Quote Originally Posted by klunk View Post
    The One-Eighth Racers thank you for your great coverage of our 2011 Great Lakes Challenge. It was neat having camera chat and to meet you. We finally got some great weather.

    Bill Klingbeil
    Treasurer One-Eighth Racers of Toledo
    Hi Bill - the club forum we discussed is now set up and ready.
    You can get to it here:

    I'll post the new track photos there in a few minutes.

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    MIke- did I miss it or is there a link to more of the pics? Got a few friends from here in Texas that made the trip up there for this one and was just curious if you got any more of them other than the "x-ray team" shot you posted in here.

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    Mongo, the link to the rest of the photos (hopefully a photo of every person at the race) is:

    I tried to put most of the "people shots" in that thread, and keep this one mostly for the racing photographs. The only "team shot" I was able to get was the XRAY one, and that came about mostly because Drewe arranged it. Is this the other thread/gallery you're asking about?

    For the future, do you think it's better to have an ordinary photo gallery like I used to do, or to put up everyone's photos in a thread like this?

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    I dont know. Either way seems to work. I kind of like putting a few of my faves up in a post, and then just putting a link up to a regular gallery myself, but thats partly cause I hate copying over that many picture links, heh heh.

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    How to post race photos

    I'll probably do whatever people want me to do...

    • Creating a gallery, and linking to it, is easy - but then I tend to have too many photos and people get bored.
    • Putting a smaller number directly in the forum is more work, but as long as I don't over-do it, I think it might be worth the effort.
    • Creating a facebook gallery - yuck. It's easy enough, but from then on the photos seem "lost". I figure doing it here, anyone who wants a facebook photo can just copy their image over there.
    • Keeping it all in one place makes it easier for people to find something a year later (and for me to find it too!)

    The problem is there's so little feedback. People tell me they're using their photos, but so few people seem to post about it. Maybe that's because most people just browse the forums without signing up.

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    Mike, you're doing an excellent job with this forums !

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    Thanks, but as I see it, all I'm doing is providing a place for people (me included) to talk about what they're interested in. The person who did the most to make all this possible, is Steve Pond.

    I've got to add though, that I'm having as much fun here as anyone!

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    Kyosho Steve ? He is a good guy too....... :-) Keep up the good work ! I'm sure that people have been reading what goes on in the SGrid.
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