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Thread: GoPro Video

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    Only regarding the above two videos (the second one didn't work as embedded, but worked fine on YouTube): In this situation it works perfectly. I have never seen this video before, and most of my brain was watching the video - the music was also trying to break through, and somewhat did, but my attention was on the screen, not the speakers. You are right - the way the music started just as something on-screen happened just reinforced what I was watching, and it all came together very nicely.

    • The music would be fine on its own.
    • I played the video with sound turned off, and it was still enjoyable - before I could get used to a scene, the scene had changed.
    • Video with music - like you said, even better... the very definition of synergistic!

    I'm guessing that part of this is because of the short time that any particular scene stayed on the screen. The scenes were there just long enough to see what was happening, and then poof, it changed. I'd say, for an introduction, it was brilliant! Had the scenes stayed for much longer, the effect would be lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant Tokumi View Post
    .......... The sound from the racing trucks/buggies is so important IMO. On the flip side, I know several people who feel the complete opposite and feel that the audio from the video is distracting to the music and should be removed so that you hear only music........

    Wow, you nailed the whole discussion perfectly. That is exactly what I'm sort of trying to say.

    Are we making a VIDEO, to which the music is just an add-on, like transitions, that nobody should really notice...


    Are we makind a Music Video, where the Music is that starting point, and the on-screen video fits the music?


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    It's possible to get served a delicious steak, smothered in bar-b-que sauce.


    I'm the spoil-sport I guess. With racing, I want to watch the VIDEO, and I want the sound-track that was recorded along with the Video.
    If there's a musical sound track, when/if possible I'll turn it off.

    I suppose it's easy to "cheat". Just use music that people love, and they'll accept anything that gets shown on the screen no matter how good it is(n't), as they're thoroughly enjoying the music.

    I suppose this means I better decide what it is I'm trying to do......
    ........and if I'm doing it for a group of friends, as you are, I guess it more or less IS a music video, so what I've written up above doesn't apply. The video should maybe be edited to fit the song, and end when the song ends?
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    Fun times at Podium Raceway in Hawaii during the Holidays.

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    Las Vegas Mountain Biking. We have more than just casinos here.

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