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Thread: Recoil Springs (1911 Colt Commander Pistol)

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    Recoil Springs (1911 Colt Commander Pistol)

    From a phone call to Wolff Gunsprings this morning:

    Spring Weight:
    The springs sold by Wolff for a 1911 are measured by compressing them to 1.125" with a rod in the middle, so they don't kink, and then measuring the force. A 18# spring will be pushing out with a force of 18 pounds when it is compressed to 1.125 inches.

    Spring Rate:
    The "spring rate" is not relevant to the user. The important value is only the force being exerted when the spring is compressed.

    Spring Length:
    They length of the spring is not relevant. Different batches of the "same" spring will have different lengths. This doesn't mean anything. Different batches of Wolff springs may have different lengths, but they will have the same wire size, the same number of coils, and the same amount of force when compressed to 1.125 inches length.

    Calibration Packs:
    They advised getting their "calibration pack", so individuals can select the best spring for their use. The correct spring depends on many things, including how loose/tight the gun is, the load of ammunition, the stance of the shooter, and so on. If bullets are not ejecting correctly this can be because of the spring. The calibration pack allows you to fine tune your own gun to what works best for you.

    Picking a spring:
    I asked him for a guide, for how to pick the proper spring. His answer was that it depends on so many things, but for a starter he likes to see the spent casings fall three to six feet away from the gun.

    Calibration Pak for Colt Commander:
    For a Colt Commander Series, the URL of the web page is:

    From that web page:
    "Recoil springs for Colt Commander series pistols are available in both conventional and variable power designs. Recoil calibration paks are offered to allow the shooter a choice of recoil springs to calibrate the recoil function when the correct spring rating is not known. These paks offer a savings of 20% over the same purchase of individual springs. The shooter starts with the strongest spring in the pak and works down until the desired recoil function is obtained."

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    I am not that familiar with the Recoil springs...So I need to know whether recoil springs for this pistols available in which design is more worth buying and useful..Conventional or variable power designs??

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