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Thread: Shooting Glasses

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    Shooting Glasses

    I was reading a response to a thread in this forum, when I noticed the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkady001 View Post
    ......that gun was later destroyed in a range accident by the friend I sold it to in the RCMP when a Korean-made round exploded in the chamber and blinded him in the right eye).
    I guess I haven't paid that much attention to the eye protection I use. In my case, I've got plastic lenses, which I realize won't shatter like glass, but in no way were they designed as "shooting/safety glasses". I plan to look around some more on the internet and get a suitable pair of prescription shooting glasses. I guess it's like insurance - hopefully they'll never need to be used for their intended purpose, but they'll be there just in case.

    Anyone have any good advice on shooting glasses?

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    Yes - always wear the best you can afford.
    Ballistic glasses became common in Iraq after it was found that (shock) they stopped fragments from IEDs blinding people who were standing exposed as 'Top-Cover'.
    There was a famous phot taken by a US Army photographer on a patrol of a guy who'd been wearing Wiley-X glasses and been peppered with frags when a roadside bomb went off next to his HUMVEE.

    Not this one, but similar:

    That photo appeared in the US commanding general's daily briefing slideshow the next morning and his immediate reaction was to instruct his staff to ensure that ALL US personnel be so equipped by the end of the month, no exceptions, no excuses.
    Wiley-X must have thought all their christmasses had come early that year.

    In the British Armed Forces, we were issues with CSS glasses and goggles from 2007 onwards - before that we bought our own...

    My mate in the RCMP lost his right eye in a shooting accident with my old Mauser 'Broomhandle' pistol when a defective round exploded in the breech, pepperiong his face with shrapnel. Had he been wearing safety glasses his sight would be intact - no doubt about it.

    When things go bad, they go bad fast and by then it's too late to go get them from your hold-all...

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