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Thread: New Onroad Forum

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    New Onroad Forum

    Good Day everyone!

    I wanted to make a formal announcement of a new onroad r/c forum,

    I have been in the r/c hobby now for about 6 years and have found many of the web forums to be cluttered with information about other r/c classes that were irrelevant to what I was there for. Since I was really only interested in racing onroad, I had to sift through thousands of posts just to get the information I was there to find.

    Now that I have teamed up with an accomplished web forum creator/designer, I am introducing to all onroad racing warriors, (ORRC for short). My site is dedicated to all levels of r/c onroad racers. There will be no dirt talking on the forums, only onroad (pavement and carpet).

    The site is still in it's infant stages. Posts are starting to build up with a few online members, but looking for everyones support to help build this site to be the next best onroad r/c community on the net. Like I stated, it's still in it's beginning stages, there is so much more coming for this site, but I can't build anymore until I get more support. And that support is going to come from other onroad r/c enthusiasts. The site is 100% free to join and enjoy. The latest update is an image gallery. You can have your own personal gallery as well as a site wide gallery. There are a lot of other ideas that the designer and I are coming up with for the future and are open to more suggestions.

    I ask that you please take a few minutes out of your day to stop by my new site (, register and post away. While on the site, please take mental notes and send me a message with your thoughts, or report back here on what you think of the site and what you would like to see. This site is going to be all about you (obviously within reason), the users, to ensure that it's a fun, safe environment for you to share your thoughts and questions about the onroad r/c hobby.

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

    Best Regards,
    Nathan Beucler
    Member of the One Eighth Racers of Toledo

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    Please do feel free to keep posting news here about what's happening with the site, and so on. I'll check it out in a few minutes; will set up my account. Maybe when I get to do race reports in the future, I can post them in three places now, your new forum, rctech, and here on SGRID.

    Ted Hammer has ALL the photos I've taken at the Great Lakes Challenge since the very first race. As long as you give myself and SGRID credit for the photos, feel free to post as many as you want in your galleries. Ditto for the photos that I posted in one of the SGRID locations, on rctech, or on facebook.

    Oh, and also consider copying some of the on-road material to SGRID, as that might encourage off-road racers to get involved in on-road. I think most racers on SGRID are doing off-road, or drifting. If you do that, post enough material to make a story, and then provide a link back to your site so people can see all the photos, etc.

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    Thank you Mike!

    I will definitely keep things updated here.

    I will get with Ted on the pictures. I am more than willing to share where the information comes from, give credit, where credit is due!

    Hopefully OnRoadRC will be the next big onroad r/c community above and beyond rctech (sorry, no offense rctech).

    My web developer has proven success with niche web forums and I feel that with his knowledge and expertise we can really be successful in helping get the information out on the net.

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    If you guys would like to be the forum moderators of the on-road forum here as well, let me know. If the goal is to help promote on-road racing, that can only help.

    I'm curious though - how is your web developer going to help a forum grow? We just had a major race, the nationals, out east. For quite a while, there wasn't hardly any action either here on sgrid or on rctech. Then the racers who were at the event returned, and they started posting. My question is what happened to the huge number of people who never made it to a big race, but who used to post so much? There were good-luck wishes, questions.... all sorts of stuff going on. My friends tell me it's the economy, and nothing will fix that until the country improves. I suspect everyone's so busy posting on social networks, they've moved on past forums.

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    The ORRC forum is something that I've always wanted to do (well, more run a website). My web developer is good at programming and making sure that the site is high on search engine results. We are also creating a site that will be easy to surf and moderate (user friendly). I am trying to get more of our members active in the online community to help push more hobbiests our way (onroad).

    I'm sure that the economy has A LOT to do with how everything is playing out in the hobby. I know that I, for one, am having financial struggles just to keep my lights on at home, little own buy a new $499 motor. BUT, there is still hope and still plenty of racers that want a place to "play" while not at the track. In time, maybe ORRC will become the new "social network" of onroad r/c enthusiasts, that's my goal!

    Hopefully Ted has a bunch of images that I can share on the site. If you have seen, the gallery is quite nice.


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    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Time has been slipping away right under my fingertips. Busy as heck at work and haven't had much time to focus on the site.

    As of now, the site is really just waiting on some good quality posts. Once the membership levels start to build, we have some neat little features that will start popping up, I'm sure you all won't be disappointed.

    I encourage you to please stop by at and register.

    I'm thinking of putting an "About Me" section in the forums so you could do an introduction of yourself and your preferred "package". What do you all think?

    Thanks in advance for the input and I look forward to seeing you all on

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    As usual, the Holidays have gotten in the way of everything on the side. is still out there and active. My development of the site is at a stand still and I'm looking for some good discussions to get started. If you can participate in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Bringing more onroad R/C racers together into one place is going to be beneficial for all of us. No more clutter with all those 'other' topics that get in the way.

    Please be sure to visit and register today.

    Who knows, maybe once the site really get's booming, I'll have some rewards for those who helped give it a jump start!!!!!!

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    Thanks ORRC for informing about this information. I wish your forum do well. Since you are inviting the community members so I guess your "About me" section would have been completed. I wish your site will definitely get popular.
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