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Thread: Dry Firing

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    Dry Firing

    I started doing dry firing a lot more after learning that it didn't do any damage to the gun. I figure the more I do it, the more easily I will be able to hold the gun steady at the range, and stronger my hand(s) will get at holding up the gun.

    Here's an interesting video that a relative sent me:

    I've also been thinking - if I''m going to do this, would it be a good idea to get one of the laser kits that fits into a '45 and is scored by a laser target? a side thought - while watching this, I started to do the math - how many shots does this guy shoot in a month, and how much might that cost? Wow!
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    Nice video. I'm sure he get ammo given to him or discounted and most likely loads progressively.

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    From what I've read about the "old time sharpshooters", that kind of practice is what it takes (along with other things!!!) to really get good.

    I'd like to get better, and dry firing is the least expensive way there is to get better at gun handling. Unfortunately, I'm overseas right now, and hand guns pretty much don't even exist where I am right now. When I get back, I think I'll just devote half an hour or so every day to it, and see what effect it has on my shooting (if any).
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