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Thread: Welcome Gun Guys

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    Welcome Gun Guys

    Welcome to our new Home

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    I need something new, wish I would have bought that H&K .40 Kenny had last year.

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    I dont need anything new but I sure want lots of other guns. LOL I am thinking my next purchase will be an FN FNP. I am still unsure on the caliber.

    Right now I am having lots of fun with my Winchester SX3 12ga. I enjoying skeet shooting. I like how light the gun is and how little felt recoil it produces. I am currently shooting 2.75 shells with 8.5 shot/1200 fps.

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    I prefer trap to skeet but seldom go anymore since I cannot reload/shoot lead anymore at my club. I should unload my reloader.

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    I also shoot trap but skeet just calls me. I will start reloading after I return from Afghanistan. Shooting every week is getting expensive quick. I love busting those clay birds. Right now I just dont have the time to reload.

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    Frank, I can probably still get the .40 H&K for you. I sold it to a friend who has still never shot it. How does $500 sound?

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    Team Helotes
    Well I today I talked to my Police Chief today and Monday I need to take him the paperwork to sign and I will be getting my short barrled rifle.

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    What is it? Post a pic when you get it.

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    Team Helotes
    Quote Originally Posted by ridgewaybodies View Post
    What is it? Post a pic when you get it.
    It will be a 10"-12" 5.56 on the AR platform.

    It will take the BATFE 60-120 to do the background check and approve my NFA tax stamp, $200.

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