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Thread: Welcome Gun Guys

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    Hey Guys whats New? I havent seen some of the others
    come over
    Hope they do..

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    What might help is if Chuck posts something in the old forum inviting them to come here; I think some people are just so used to Backtalk, that they don't like the idea of changing over. One thing that I think got lots of people excited, was the great photos that Chuck posted - of things that the average person can only dream about! Craftsmanship like that doesn't come easily, and at least for myself, when I get to see it, it's like... well, like art!

    As for me, I go in for a hernia repair tomorrow - I probably can't go shooting for many weeks to come.... bummer.

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    Team Helotes
    Here is a photo of my USP 45 I had painted last week.

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    Team Helotes
    Well today I did something I thought I would never do, I traded off my HK USP 45 Compact. I traded it for this NIB and I spend 30 min installing a piston system on Bushmaster AR for the guy. It was WAY too good a deal to pass up.

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    Enjoy it. Those work good.
    SGrid Vintage of 2003

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    just fast


    Hey Mike M,
    I race 1/8 on-road in Vegas, but i have guns also. This is my first time to the New S-Grid! NICE! I'll be back with some pix of my BROWNNING 303 H&H Mag Belgum Safari....

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    Gun Safe discussions were moved here:

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    I had a long discussion with a relative about gun cleaning. We both do things mostly the same, but when he finishes the cleaning of a blued gun, he feels that all he needs to do is wipe it down with one of the silicone treated cloths before he puts it away.

    I've always been told that when I finish cleaning, everything should be coated with a very thin coat of oil - the barrel, and all other parts. I've use Remington gun oil sparingly - I run a patch up and down the barrel, and wipe down all other parts with the same patch once I've done the barrel.

    My relative tells me this is foolish - the oil will attract dust and dirt.

    I know there are many different ways to clean guns, but my question now is whether I'm making a mistake in that final wipedown with oil.

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    Bob Malphurs
    Really depends on the surface of barrel, receiver, stock, etc. On guns with a Blued, Nickel or Stainless finish, wiping with a silicone treated cloth may be fine. But a finish like Parkerized or Phosphate they like the oil, it actually absorbs the oil to protect against rust. Stocks of course, depending on the substance, generally donít use oil.

    Of course if you keep the gun in a safe, cabinet or case dust isnít a problem. But I still prefer a light coat of oil on anything steel myself! I keep a final wipedown rag treated with Rem oil in a bag and use it before putting the gun away. I use Mil-Com grease on all my slides and rails, pretty good stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Malphurs View Post
    ....But I still prefer a light coat of oil on anything steel myself! I keep a final wipedown rag treated with Rem oil in a bag and use it before putting the gun away.

    Bob, in my case, the "finish" is blued steel, although I'm also interested in stainless. The line I quoted up above matches how I feel about things. I may not know if I'm going to use the gun again in a week, month, year, or even longer, and having a light coat of oil just makes ME feel better.... I'm not sure if it really is a better idea, which is why I'm asking this here.

    I like your last idea - having a cloth put aside for the purpose of wiping down components when you're finished cleaning the gun. I guess this is similar to having one of those "silicone cloths" for the same purpose. Given the choice, can I assume you prefer oil over silicone for this purpose?

    (I've got a completely different question about semi-automatics, which I will put in a new thread.)

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