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Thread: Welcome Gun Guys

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    Ahh, my other hobby, cool.

    A Stainless Mark III heavy barrel I just finished up. Polymer lower that I sent away and had Ruger 1911 rubber grips installed, Volquartsen accurizing kit installed, Clark hammer bushing and pin, John Alchin slide ride holosight mount, Cmore slide ride 2 moa poly holosight, Alcaraz slide racker.

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    I think I would usually say something like "hey, nice gun!" but what I'd really mean is:

    Hey, nice! Can you post a much larger photo, so we can see the gun in a lot more detail, and can you say more about what all those options were and did, and why you wanted them.

    Maybe that's because I'm such a novice at these things. I read stuff like that wording in the maggys all the time, and usually just skip over the technical terms. If I understood guns as well as I understand (understood?) R/C cars, I'd know what a Mark III Heavy Barrel" was, along with "Volquartsen accurizing" and all the rest. If you enjoy talking about your gun, and why you did these things, please write a LOT more about it! :-)

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    Bob Malphurs
    Now that's a purty gun! The Ruger Mark III is a great gun just stock out of the box! It's another gun like the Ruger 10/22 rifle that has tons of accessories available.

    Volquartsen makes custom competition barrels, triggers, etc. Check out their site!

    Check out this from their site!
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    Bob, that reminds me of picking up almost any gun magazine nowadays, and seeing a weapon on the cover that looks like it was designed for a Star Wars movie. I end up being very impressed by the looks of the weapon, but don't really understand what many of the features do.

    I assume that's a silencer on the front of the gun you just posted up above?

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    My new Cezka 455 American Combo 22long rifle and also optional 17HMR barrel and pieces. I added a sear shim kit to get the trigger pull down to 2 lbs before it fires. Diassembled the action from the stock and rubbed the factory clearcoat with Maguires ScratchX 2.0, then reshined it with Howards products Feed N wax. Horrible cell picture, just believe me when I post that it really gleams now.

    The scope mounting rings are Burris Signature Zee rings with the plastic/poly inserts set at zero offset. the plastic inserts that ride inside the ring clamp to the optic tube help to abzorb shock and center the scope quickly. The scope is a BSA Sweet 22 with quick adjust turrets for crosshair adjustment using the weight of the bullet as a starting point. A leupold zero point magnetic bore sighter was used to get it bench close

    first few shots (break-in rounds) were inside the 2nd ring (from bullseye) on the target.

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    Bob Malphurs
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    I assume that's a silencer on the front of the gun you just posted up above?
    Not sure....looks like it!

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    Nice - I started to look around their website - someone did a nice job on their "shooting team" photo:

    Name:  SHOOTING_TEAM_CZ-banner_2011.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdogfl View Post
    Ahh, my other hobby, cool.

    I got curious and found the holosight website:

    I'm thoroughly confused - what is this, how does it work, and what makes it so desirable?

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    A holosight allows you to aim with both eyes open, instead of squinting across barrel level iron sights. (for us squinters and failing eyesight). A quicker aim and shoot because you just center the illuminated reticle on the target and fire. The reticle crosshairs or single aiming point is projected and centered in the tall semi-hooded viewpiece you see there. Some have a adjustable intensity to the aim point, you can crank the intensity up for bright days or down for overcast days.

    The Eotech you linked to is a nice one,,but usually HUGE bucks. Upwards of around $600+ish

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    I'm trying to figure out how this could work.... essentially you seem to have a single set of cross-hairs, and you align them over the target.... but don't you need another lens ahead of, or behind, the main eyepiece, so the whole thing can be aligned properly?

    Also, I keep remembering over and over again "front sight". When using the holosight, do you focus on the illuminated reticle?

    In your opinion, how does this compare with simply mounting a sight on the handgun. Wouldn't that achieve the same purpose, and be even more accurate?

    I went to the range again today, and only took the 45 Colt. If the accuracy of one's shooting is always limited by the "weakest link", I think I found mine. As the morning went on, my ability to hold the gun steady improved early on, and then when I got "tired" my ability quickly vanished. The books say to hold the gun as tightly as possible, but after an hour of shooting, my hands were getting so un-steady that I couldn't see the point of shooting any more. My attempted "cure" is going to be holding a heavy steel weight out in front of me for as long as I can, and repeat this every day. Hopefully that will help grow whatever muscles there are that keep your hands steady when held out in front of your face.

    I'll post the target later. I wish all the rest off the people coming here would post targets - especially Chuck - then we'd all have something to aim for (pun intended) even if we never get even close to as good as he is!!). :-)

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