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Thread: Welcome Gun Guys

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    The Colt 45 I've been having so much fun with lately, while learning more about it...

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    "I thought I told you to get out of town..."

    I found a fascinating photo a while back in an article about a fellow who made holsters for six-guns. It's the same person who Marshal Dillon was shooting at in the opening of the old TV show, Gunsmoke. Anyway, another poster on the ColtForum site posted the same photo, with the original caption. I was going to mail it to a relative, then figured I'd post it here as well:

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    "A group portrait of seven stars of the most popular westerns on television in the late 1950's. All are dressed in character and have Colt revolvers drawn. They are standing on the set of an Old West town in front of the gunsmith and Marshall's office. From left to right are Will Hutchins of "Sugarfoot", Pete Brown of "Lawman", Jack Kelly of "Maverick", Ty Hardin of "Cheyenne", James Garner of "Maverick", Wade Preston of "Colt .45", and John Russell of "Lawman" ". Those TV shows were all popular in the late 1950s and early '60s, and all featured the Colt SAA prominently. Those shows had a lot to do with the revival in popularity of the SAA.

    If you like that, you'll also enjoy this link:

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    Amazing... I found this video of Hub Hubbell, a living legend. He was 90 years old when this video was made, and the video speaks for itself.

    Background information:

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    Ape With AK-47

    You guys gotta see this!!!

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    Here I am getting ready to shoot match #2 at the 2011 State Champion 1000 Benchrest Match are Reade Range in Tyrone PA.
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    Nice photo - great photo of you..... would be nice if sometime you had them take a close-up photo of your setup.

    What range do you shoot at, and what kind of accuracy do you get? Is this similar to the types of shooting you posted targets for a few months back?

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    The distance was 1000 yards. This is not the same type of match that I posted targets(groundhog match)of before. This match consisted of 10 shots for score and group size. The overall winner had a score of 95 and a group size of 6.4". For comparison, I had a score of 94.5 and group size of 7.7". I placed 7th overall.

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    1000 yards = 3000 feet = almost a mile = you are WAY, WAY beyond what I could ever even hope to be able to do!!! Both you and your equipment must be absolutely in top shape. If you think of it, and want to, and don't mind showing off, please do post your targets in the target thread.

    No shooting for me - am over in India, and I don't think anyone is allowed to go shooting here... I guess I should look into it, just out of curiosity. As soon as I get back, I'll make up for the lost time!

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