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Thread: 1/8 GT info wanted

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    Chris K
    Ya know??? I think that this thread points out a LOT of the problems with IGT as a viable class.... AND, I'm going to do a 'Mike style' long post - 'cause I'm a bit passionate about this and grumpy at the same time.

    Azeroth, you live right on top of one of the BEST facilities in the USA - Leisure Hours in Joliet. I've covered several ROAR Nationals at that facility and I will go on record as saying that IF I was able to reloccate to an area based on the quality of the facility and racing - Leisure is right at the top of that list! They have a good population of IGT and other on road classes and seem to have found a way to deal with the question of rules.

    Sadly that has not been the case in a lot of parts of the country; infighting seems to be the rule rather than the exception with one group trying to regulate the other group from participating based on 'rules'.... In the meantime, our current ROAR officials stand by and seemingly refuse to act on this class to provide a set of uniform rules for the USA as a whole and discussions such as this are commonplace... And, sadly it would appear that ROAR has NO INTENTION of establishing rules for the class; I am of the understanding that a request has been made several time and the reply seems to be 'no reply' ...

    In this particular area, onroad opportunities are somewhat limited; there is a GREAT carpet track at Fastlane Hobby in Blue Springs, MO and another at Hobbyplex in Omaha, NE. There is a Nationals grade facility at Lincoln NE and that is where the entire HOA series is now being held.... Great venue but certainly a bit of a drive for anyone outside of Omaha/Lincoln to get to a facility to race outdoors with IGT.

    So, what's it going to take to help this really great class grow??? Well, honestly if I was looking at it as a potential entrant I'd probably pass. Not a lot of opportunity to participate, potenntially expensive to be competitive with (race modified Kyosho or a $575.00 ready to go without body or wheels and tires Serpent along with OFNA expense to make competitive) along with limited opportunity to race the vehicles and then combined with a variety of motor rules allowing motors of up to $280.00 to be used in some locations. Sadly this places the IGT price of admission too close to the 'unlimited' cars which are WAAAYYYY to expensive for a lot of us.

    I truly believe that this class has a HUGE opportunity to grow but this growth needs to be driven by a couple of factors - first a uniform set of RULES (for both nitro and electric) that are practical and enforceable. Second would be a reliable supply chain for the vehicles - many of the Kyosho bodies have been out of stock for well over 6 months - just recently coming back in addition to a 're-release' of the IGT2 in red. Those who would have bought in that 6 month 'limbo' period either bought OFNA or nothing...

    Will all of this save the class that a LOT of us enjoy competing in??? Possibly.... BUT the non action of our National sanctioning body will continue to restrict the class growth in my opinion.

    Hopefully at some point the 'sleeping giant' of a sanctioning body (the same people who combined ALL of the off road Nationals this year in to one 10 day Southern Californai cluster grunt) will wake up while there is still activity in this area!

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    I agree with most of your points whole heartedly but I believe this is also the best bet as a nitro starter class being buggy based yes body availability tire expense engine motor rules are a issue but i think it is a problem of having the bits and pieces to be able to convert Most off road to on and for most people to use the older and highly available used buggy market to their advantage but it is the cost factor of converting that can be a issue for nitro with the 2 speeds for larger tracks but not a problem for the E buggies hmmm i have a thought what about a open wheel version of the class? buggy bodied allowing buggy wing front and rear still specing the rubber on-road rubber tire? i am gonna need to look at some bits and pieces. as for Roar to solidify a set of rules will drive some away but be a guideline because we all know that rules will change every year but as a club level or track level class final rulings should be at their discression to a extent and voted on by its members or do what they did with the usVTA class in electric 1/10 and do it without roar and then let them adopt the rules into them.

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    It's like a snowball rolling down a hill - the more it rolls, the bigger it gets, and the more exciting.

    If you post more, and get your friends to post more, and enough people get involved, that would be nice. Tell them it's a free site, no advertising, there's a link to also "like" your posts to facebook, and just about all the vBulletin tools I know of are available to users.
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    Oops, silly me - I was replying to earlier posts, while trying to update another computer, and didn't get to read the latest posts here until just now.

    I won't disagree with anything written so far, but having talked to the top guy at ROAR, I think that ROAR would like to come up with a good set of rules as much as anyone else. Can I make the same suggestion here, that we used a lifetime ago when 1/10 onroad was just starting out - let's come up with a set of rules that we can all live with, and try to get ROAR to accept them as "provisional rules" for one season. At the end of that season, ROAR can make any adjustments that we've found are necessary, and come up with a set of class rules we can then use all over the country. (They can always be fine-tuned as needed.)

    I have no desire to once again get involved in the middle of this, especially so as I'd be an "outsider" unlike what went on with 1/10th scale. ...but we did the same thing with 1/5th scale, gathering up everyone's suggestions and simply aiming for a set of "provisional rules" to be used for one year. Apparently that's much easier to accomplish.

    Suggestion - create a new thread in which to discuss rules, and at the very beginning, post a one-paragraph description of the objectives for the new class. If we're trying to create something that it doesn't cost a fortune to compete in, we should say that right at the beginning.

    (I do know that Steve Pond, ROAR Pres, reads things here, but he's here as just himself, a fellow R/C enthusiast. If we keep the thread on-target as a place where enthusiasts can discuss what they like (or not), that will be much more fun and productive than if we try to treat it like anything "official". In other words, if Steve reads something here, and maybe responds, it should be his personal thoughts, not anything that's "official ROAR policy" or whatever......)

    I guess one more thing to add - there is a ROAR election coming up. Maybe one of the questions we should put to the candidates is what they will do to/with the GT class. With the .000001% of ROAR members typically voting, as in the past, maybe the GT guys as a group can make a difference here. :-)

    .....yeah, I write too much!
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    LOL no mike you don't write to much it just that not that many people respond to your posts <G> but you do bring up good points about the rule making and voting the right person in and quality Ideas on making this a roar class history does go a long ways and some people need to be reminded about how to get it done correctly and in the right way. thanks you for providing a quality not quantity site for those who have a real opinion they want to discussed or share

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    I posted a new thread about suggested 1/8 GT class rules:

    Is this what we want to agree on to suggest to ROAR, or what changes could make it better?

    Feel free to copy/paste with changes (but make it easier for everyone by highlighting any changes in red font).
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    I also rather agree with Azeroth that you do post some quality points and really provide great and relevant ideas, which comes out to be useful. I guess there is no requirement of any change in the rules. All the things which are mentioned there are perfect.

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    Elizasteave, what is your home city?
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