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Thread: Studio Lighting

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    Any opinions on this light kit for a new guy


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    I'm the wrong person to ask. Ignore the following, and let him enjoy what looks like a very nice kit - and it's from B&H, who stand behind their products.

    Your words: Any opinions on this light kit for a new guy

    I think it would be a terrible idea. If he's new, that kit gives him FAR too much complexity. It's also expensive. My suggestion would be a couple of basic lights with reflectors, and a good book on studio lighting. Forget the fast re-cycling, unless he needs it. Forget the floor positioning mat, and the floor guide card, and the case, and much of the rest. Maybe just two lights, with stands, and the umbrellas.

    Suppose you had said:

    Any opinions on this camera kit for a new guy?

    I'd have said to buy a basic camera first, to learn with. Same thing.

    Good viewing (if you have two hours):!

    Maybe a good starting point:
    Have Camera, Will Travel

    Smugmug Photo Gallery:

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    It is pretty amazing what is available for cheap and portable studio setups these days. Here is a quick outline of some of the basic studio equipment for a starter setup.

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