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Thread: Midwest Series 43rd Season of Onroad Racing

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    I am Hoping and planning to head over there this weekend and run in some nitro traffic <G> you know as a moving speed bump

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    Ha! Been there, did that! I like the term, "moving speed bump"!

    Long before the 1/10 nitro class existed, there was only 1/8. Serpent came out with the original Impact car, 2WD and not very high tech. They let me run mine in the 1/8 4WD class, and it was fun to stay out of everyone's way, while trying not to be run over. It seemed like every time I started to relax even a little, one of the faster cars was coming up to lap me once again!

    One nice thing about the MWS was that there were always a wide range of driver abilities, and even if you stunk compared to the fast guys, there were still others there who you could compete against.
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    LOL so true i don't care if its last place as long as your battling for position with some one <G> well the gtp2 and gtp2-e are both ready but not quite ready with the ole NTC3 i still have some parts to machine up but then 1 car for a nitro warmup might be best

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    Name:  SRS-N Body 001.jpg
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Size:  202.7 KBName:  SRS-N Body 002.jpg
Views: 229
Size:  205.2 KB Nice pic! Love Hammers hat.. Just got done painting up a new body. Thought you might like to see it stickered up. Freshened up the NT1 '08 for the third time! Couldn't justify buying a new one. $$$ Took the pics with the body because it will never look this good once it gets on the track!! lol

    Hey Mike- How do I downsize the picture and still maintain the same composition? The pics I've posted have to be manually downsized. It ends up cropping the picture. Pretty new to posting pics....obviously! TIA!!
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    Nice Paint Nick. you should be able to re-size in your image gallery or paint in windows if you do not have imaging software

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    Tool for re-sizing photos easily:

    How to post photos on SGRID:

    How to make Mike smile:
    Showing that decal on the front of your car!!!!!!!!!

    Note: Your image is 1280 pixels by 1280 pixels, which is the maximum allowable size for images posted here. If you shrink your image to 800 pixels wide, it will be easier for everyone to see it here. If you shrink it to 1280 or just 1200, people will see it larger - they can then usually right-click on it and select "view image" . Since you're uploading images, just use the 'fastone' software first to make the image smaller (it's easy and fast), then upload the revised image.

    Gee, where on SGRID can I post that image right now........ I'll have to find a spot on the front page for it! ...oops, added this comment to the wrong response - will fix.
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    Went out to TeamNitros new track yesterday. This is going to be a very nice venue for us "region" guys! The track is one of the better parking lot tracks that I've been on. The drivers stand is very accomodating. The guys are still working on tweaking a few details. The computer system wasn't running,, it was a t & t day more or less, and boy was I glad. I had engine issues and was saddened not to work on chassis tuning. Guys came and went during the day, and lots of people stopped by outta curiousity. Looking forward to a great season... Sorry I didn't take any pics,,, next time!

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    Yep, it's about that time - I remember when I lived in Michigan that about now we'd be packing away a lot of our indoor carpet gear, and getting ready for the big outdoors.

    Engine issues - could it have been last year's fuel that went bad? That happened to me once. I brought out a car that Josh Cyrul wanted to check out (actually two cars), and while both ran great before, neither one ran well this time. I think it was Jerry Cyrul who told us to switch fuel. One car was a BMT, and the other one was probably a Picco Genesis - that's how long ago this must have been....
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    I've been through the bad/old fuel scenerio...Not fun.. I opened a new bottle of Byrons finest!! I've narrowed it down to a few gremlins. Weak glow plug, marginal compression, possible air leak at the carb and block. No wonder Lipo/BL is is so strong........ J/K When they get scream the monkey, and shift gears, I'll perk up and pay attention. Maybe.

    Getting ready for the new season always has a few issues. Hope to see you at a big race this summer! The Byrons race at Joliet is a good one. Ever been there? World-class facility. I'm a little biased though..

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    The only race I have plans to attend is the Great Lakes Challenge. I might make it to some others, especially here in Florida, but I don't know. I used to do a lot of magazine coverage, but first the magazines cut back on racing coverage, and then many of them went out of publication. R/C Car.... Xtreme..... only two magazines left. In a few more years, there might not be any left, at this rate.

    Simply put, I can't afford to go to these races simply to take photos and do a race report. I've still got my 1/4 scale (but it's for sale), and a few leftover 1/10 cars, and a few electrics from ages ago. If I had a local track and weekly racing, I'd probably get a 1/8 GT car.....
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