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Thread: Midwest Series 43rd Season of Onroad Racing

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    The media coverage is marginal at best.. At one time I had Xtreme(favorite), Rc Car(2nd), RCCar Action, RC Nitro, and RC Driver coming to the house.... Now,,,, nothing. My personel interest is in Nitro onroad, specifically Sedan. This class gets minimal coverage in print. Hence, the threads popping up about what the status of nitro onroad is in general. Stagnant, or in a decline. On road is a rather demanding class. Even to club race, you need some degree of proficiency in wrenching and driving to to be competitive. Hope some of the Offroad short course guys decide to be challenged with another discpline..I got bored/complacent with Buggy/Stadium Trk. and made a move. That was 6 yrs. ago..

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    I feel like a dinosaur. I used to be thoroughly involved in model railroading, as were lots and lots of friends of mine. Time moves on, and while model railroading is still around, it seems like hardly anyone is doing it.

    I got involved in radio control car racing at a time when it seemed like there was a local race track in every neighborhood. At one point in a short drive, I could go out and have fun racing five or six days a week, and in fact, there was a time when I did just that. Different tracks, mostly different people, and lots and lots of competition (some of it quite good!!). Now I've got one track, 45 minutes from my house, where hardly anyone goes other than two or three times a year.

    Media coverage..... I got involved in writing race reports and submitting them along with photos to all of the popular RC magazines. That faded away, as budgets got tightened up, and then the mags started to go out of business.

    Media coverage shifted to the internet - nobody wanted to wait a month to find out about an event - first they wanted the information within a few days, and now it seems like they want the information "live", as the event is going on. SGRID and RC Tech, and many other forums were overwhelmed with activity. Now they're all a mere shadow of what they used to be like. Look at RC Car Action's forums, which Steve Pond helped build into one of the world's biggest communities - it shrank to next to nothing. Stephen Bess and others are trying to revive it, but I'm sad to say that forums themselves have gone out of favor for the "average" person. They're now good only for serious discussions, which are useful for reference. The public has moved on to social media. Heck, I've got maybe 1300 (??) "friends" on facebook, and by my personal definition of friend, maybe only five or six of them fit that definition.

    Which brings us to the present. I still enjoy doing race reports, and plan on covering the Great Lakes Challenge again this year. It will be posted on SGRID and RC Tech. Those racers who enjoy reading race reports will be able to find them, hopefully with good photographs if I haven't gotten too rusty. As to the Midwest series, it would be great if every one of the events could be posted here, but I'm not in a position to get to the races. If someone could write something about each race, and send it to me as an email, along with some photos, I can easily do the rest. Maybe you can help get this done?

    If so, ask them to take the following photos (the race director will certainly help out, if asked in advance):

    • All the racers, lined up, in front of the driver's stand, with their cars on the ground in front of them
    • a photo of the driver's stand, during any event when there are lots of people there
    • one or more photos that show as much as possible of the track - stand at the edges of the track, maybe from the right and left edge, and shoot
    • maybe one or two photos of cars on the track
    • if possible, a photo of each winning car, with the body removed

    Send me the above, and I'll do the rest...
    a photo of the top three racers from each class (if possible holding their cars and trophies)
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    Last year, Andy Power was the RD and Mike Cooper took most if not all the pics posted on the MWS site. This year, it's a group effort by the Cincy club with Dennis and Rene Young leading the charge. Not sure who will be responsible for the race reports that are posted on the MWS site. The Youngs are also fans of Facebook. They have a page with updates and pics there as well.

    My last "good" camera was a Canon AE1 back in the early 80's. lol... It's still around here in storage. My little Fuji point and shoot is not the right cam to be covering any races. It might do the stills okay, but I wouldn't try much more. The race is in few weeks. I'll firm up info on whose doing the reports/pics.

    My LHS is Huge on trains and planes. The model RR guys are still doing their thing!!!

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    Thanks; if I can find where I put Dennis' email, maybe they can send me information to post here, or maybe they can do so.

    Don't worry about the Fuji P&S - if that's all you've got, it will still do just fine for everything but the fast action shots. :-)
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    this coming weekend Round 2 midwest series portage In. will try and get some pics between racing repairing marshalling and pitting
    Looking forward to this one

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    Thanks; looking forward to it.

    An easy shot to get would be to go up on the driver's stand and get a shot of all the racers lined up. Maybe this can be done before the driver's meeting, and all the racers could spread out their cars in front of them? Should be an easy photo to take, and not interfere with any of the racing program.

    What is the "street address" for the track? I'd like to try to look it up on the GPS.
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    Track Location:

    The Finders Mall
    5935 US Highway 6
    Portage, IN 46368

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    I'm guessing this is a temporary track? The location came up fine in the satellite view, but I can's see anything that looks like an R/C track.
    (I'm looking near the intersection of Willowcreek Road and 37th Avenue (US Route 6).
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    yes it is a temp track south east corner in the east lot space between building (ex theater) and road

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    sorry west <G> lol
    south west west side front lot
    the third and forth access off of 6

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